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Dallas PA
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Joined Jan 2014
Getting up early to watch the sun come up, and walking around the ship when it's still pretty quiet is what we like to do most days, even though I'm not a natural early riser at home. Everything is just better on a ship.
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I wish I could nap on a cruise....just not a good "napper!" But my hubby usually does....so my "me" time has been taking a kindle to the back deck and enjoying the views and catching a little sun. I also loved curling up in a chair in the RBar with the kindle (and a chocolate martini)...if not reading then people watching. A cruise ship is a great place to just kick back and take in the people around you.
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Martinsburg, WV
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Lounging on an outside deck gazing out to sea is my me time. After 50 cruises, it never gets old!
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My me time would be finding a quiet spot to watch the horizon, with a glass of wine and a plate of snacks.
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For me, 'My time' is returning to the seclusion of my cabin for a nap to recharge before dinner and the evening activities. Or sunrise and coffee on my balcony before heading out in the morning.
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Southern California
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Part of what I like about cruising is that it is relaxing. So for me time, I will go back to the cabin and just relax, and watch TV. Sometimes I find an interesting program, sometimes I find an interesting movie, sometimes I find an old favorite cartoon. The idea is to do nothing for a short period of time. Sometimes I find a quiet place on the ship and just people watch.
Vale, Oregon
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Joined Jun 2003
What a great question! Of course, like everyone else, it's the ship views... sunrise, sunset, pulling into port.... Also, I try to look for a ship activity that I can have fun in and get lost in! Just to be a kid again! I love Cruising!!!!
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Spokane, WA
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I have never had me time. It is usually us time. If I could manage to make some me time for myself, it would probably consist of me sitting in a deck chair soaking up the sun and enjoying the view.
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Humble, Texas
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My "me time" is laying out on the serenity deck catching some rays, listening to my music or catching some zzz's.. I LOVE the sun! I haven't had a balcony yet but my upcoming cruise I have one booked, so I bet it'll be the balcony and the views.
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My "me time" will be most of the cruise. I'm travelling with my 18 yo daughter, don't expect to see much of her. Coffee while I watch the sunrise, participating in every activity that suits my fancy. Reading, napping, Chef's Table....all good for me
Roseburg, OR
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Joined Oct 2014
My "me time" choice while sailing keeps evolving. Now told to stay out of the sun (really?) I plan to move my morning meditation time to the thermal spa instead of the top deck. Yes, I'll bring sunscreen as well. Good thing that the next cruise is heading to Copenhagen instead of the Caribbean!
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