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South-East Coast
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I am such a pro at throwing things together last minute - except for with clothes! Haha. But no biggie, my husband and I would be thrilled for a surprise free cruise to Bermuda for some serious scuba diving!

Our only issue we'd run into is finding a last minute babysitter, unless said cruise has room for our little ones
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Originally posted by CC Help Jenn
Happy Holidays!!

You were just gifted a cruise - lucky! You have 24 hours before you leave.

Where are you going? Are you ready to go in 24 hours? What will you pack? In your rushed state what will you be okay with leaving behind/leaving without?

Post your response as a reply for a chance to win this week's prizes. A few winners will be selected randomly from all who participate. While all are welcome to participate, At this time we can only ship within the US. Thanks for understanding
This is a tough one, but I sure wish I had that problem.

If I could go "solo", I'd go on a Caribbean cruise, preferably to the southern Caribbean out of San Juan. I could probably be ready in 24 hours. I'd probably be spending my time trying to get a flight and once flight was secured, then I'd pack. Definitely swim suits, shorts, tops, a pair of dress black pants and a few tops to go with them (for a few nights in the MDR), sandals/flip flops, sunscreen, cameras, travel documents, boarding pass, photo ID and birth certificate (we're in the process of renewing out passports), wallet with some cash/credit card, toiletries and make-up. I'd probably be forgetting something and in a rushed state, I guess I could leave behind the "formal wear" and just eat on Lido Deck.

In reality, I probably could not do it. I normally cruise with my hubby and I don't think it would be a good idea for him to take that many vacation days, especially last minute at "year end". That would not go over to well. And since we've always cruised together, I think I'd really miss him. If we could do it, the problem would be finding someone to take care of our cats while we were away on a last minute notice.
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Cabot Arkansas
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Well since I'm going on my first cruise Ever January 2017, and not sure was is and isn't needed. I would pack like crazy, grab the important papers, medicines,money lots of money, bottle of wine for embarking, :smiles and sunglasses : and head to the carribean. Where I will make new friends and memories to last a lifetime. Ahhhhhh
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Best gift ever, an Eastern Caribbean cruise!

What will I be OK leaving behind? Well, while I'm never 100% OK leaving my dog, but my priority would be getting her the best boarding around. She deserves vacation just like me!

I would have to be OK leaving the Christmas decorations up - a cruise is worth it

Everything essential could be packed quickly - camera, phones and chargers, meds, and of course light, breezy clothes and lots of swimsuits!
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Northern California
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We could absolutely be ready in 24 hours....as long as I could get off of work! I'd pick a cruise to the Mexican Riviera from Los Angeles...it would be an easy drive to the port. No worries about packing, just need passports, cash & credit cards, and meds. Anything else forgotten can be purchased on board and at ports. Sign me up!
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Chesapeake VA
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I am off to the Southern Caribbean!

As soon as I finish my happy dance, I am rolling my suitcase to the chaise in my bedroom for quick loading: pajamas, long black dress (casual and does not wrinkle), short black dress, jeans, two bathing suits, bathing suit cover, flip flops, flat but sort of fancy sandals, five tops, five pairs of shorts, two jewelry changes, two workout outfits and fitness shoes, undergarments, evening bag, beach bag, sun hat, shades, sun screen, Dawn for hand-washing, meds, family picture (for me to say good morning and goodnight to people in photo. Hubby doesn't like cruising and if no one can go I can do it alone with no problem), laptop, cords for cell and laptop, wireless headphones, two real books from my to-be-read shelves, AMEX, passport, cash. I will buy anything else I need.

Can you hear the zipper close as I get ready to roll my bag to the top of the stairs for hubby to put it in the trunk? I'm so ready I think I'll make another cruise reservation for a 2017!
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We always seem to take the same basics so no problem packing and jumping on at the last minute. We actually booked the SA tour about 4 days before the sail when the weather forecast a huge snowstorm,we had to go sunny. We always have our passports and ID.We would just take extra money and not worry about the rest.We would jump a flight or drive if that was not possible. It is just not possible to have a bad time on a cruise no matter how little planning. Not to mention that the unplanned trips always seem to be even more fun!
Queensland, Australia
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We don't care where we cruise to, hubby and I are retired so could leave at a moments notice. As for getting ready - we only ever pack the night before and because we holiday / cruise so often have a set list which we take. (Except for our next cruise in January which is 89 days). We'll start packing a couple of days before.
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NCL's circle Hawaii cruise is right down the street from us. We have our go-to travel items ready to go at any time; casual evening and resort day time wear at the ready!
Auburn, Maine
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We have never cruised before so we could easily be ready in 24 hours and does it really matter what you forget? I am sure you can buy whatever you need either en-route or on the ship!!
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We are ready to go NOW Our next trip is in 45 days, long time to wait. R and R
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Oviedo, Fl
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my family and I would be ready in 24 hours and we would leave from Port Canaveral because we only live 40 minutes from the por and we would cruise to the Bahamams We would pack short shirts, and our dress clothes and bathing suites... Happy New Years
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Where are you going? Anywhere is fine with me. I love to see new places.

Are you ready to go in 24 hours? Oh yeah never a problem.
What will you pack? everything I need would be packed for me entire family in a few hours

In your rushed state what will you be okay with leaving behind/leaving without?snow and the cold weather
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We'd definitely be ready to go! Could be packed and in the car within a few hours. Any cruise leaving from Port Canaveral or any other port to the south that gets back on Monday January 9 would work. We just need to be in Tampa by Monday afternoon that day for the National Championship Game. Roll Tide!

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Gifted a cruise to antartica! And I suppose I would have to bring some wet and cold weather gear but beings I'm in Iowa it's already out so it wouldn't take me long to pack at all!
I would leave behind the shorts and swim trunks cause they are packed up from the winter anyway, could definitely part with all electronics with the exception of a camera. My animals would be under control as I have family nearby to take care of them. Yes would definitely be ready to go in 24 hours as long as I could get a flight out of the HUGE DSM airport! LOL! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years!

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If the Cruise Gift Fairy visited us . . . it would be to Australia.

I would throw the Passports, last minute Airline Tickets (which would probably be through the roof), Hotel Confirmations and Limo Conf #'s in my purse and DH would pack the Tablet, cameras, phones and chargers.

After that, a few clothes and toiletries in the bag and meds in the carry-ons. We'd be out the door in a heartbeat.

Whatever we "forgot", we would purchase in AU. Not going to miss that trip. Been to OZ before and would NEVER miss out on that even if we left with the clothes on our backs.