Luggage Under Bed? Equinox Aqua Class Cabin (Solstice Class)

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We have sailed on HAL in the past in a Signature Suite but are now considering sailing on the Equinox in an Aqua Class cabin which is much smaller. It looks from pics like there is not a lot of room in the closet for luggage - can the bags fit under the bed? Thanks in advance!
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Yes, we took fairly large suitcases and they fit easily under the bed on Equinox. I have thought about using them as storage on a > 7 day cruise, but it requires a bit of maneuvering to get the case in and out, even though they fit easily - you could only use the part that could be reached easy - yes I'm lazy.
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We’ve cruised with carry-on size, medium and large check-in luggage and all fit underneath. We usually add whatever we buy in port or abroad into the stored luggage.

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Yes, luggage fits beneath the bed. We open our luggage before placing under the bed and use it for additional storage by sliding it in and out. Works especially well for storing dirty clothes.
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Just off Equinox, had 3 full size suitcases under the bed.

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Not sure if beds are different on different ships, but even though this bag meets the airline standard, it did not fit under our bed on the Summit. The dimension to look at in the description is the 12" and it was just a bit to large to slide under so as downsmead explained, we opened them up and they fit. Was a little tough to slide in and out for dirty clothes storage, but we made it work.
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Funny...I just purchased some TravelPro luggage. We got the 25" suitcases and 21" carry-on's, as that's what we have had for years. Plus, we don't over pack when the case is smaller. And clothes stay less wrinkled if they are compact rather than loose in a larger suitcase.

As for dirty clothes, we take a collapsible hamper that fits flat on top of the clothes in one of the suitcases. We keep it between the closet and the sofa. Easy to throw clothes into.

Is anyone else worried about beg bugs under those beds? I always read not to store luggage under the beds, but we always do.
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Originally posted by Iamthesea
......Is anyone else worried about beg bugs under those beds? I always read not to store luggage under the beds, but we always do.
We ran a class on travel (8 classes) and had a Govt Rep speak on bed bugs. She never mentioned not putting luggage under beds. She emphasized bed bugs are usually found hiding in mattresses, in their crevasses.

Bed bugs don’t stay on us, but bury into our clothes. They may be transferred to luggage but the way she spoke, luggage wasn’t a direct spot they’d hide, except from being passed from our clothes.

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Same here...we always check the bed mattresses along the cording and headboard.

Below is just one example where it is mentioned about putting luggage on the floor. I have seen specific wordage to under beds on this forum.

Follow these tips when packing to protect your belongings and your home from being introduced to bed bugs:
  • Use hard-sided luggage without zippers: Bed bugs are attracted to cloth and are small enough to maneuver their way through most zippers.
  • Seal all items in large Ziploc bags inside your suitcase: Keep these bags sealed and as air-tight as possible while in the hotel room. If the bag is not air-tight, it is not bed bug proof! Travel space bags will also work and are easy to roll in your suitcase.
  • Keep luggage off the floor: Use a luggage rack, preferably a metal one, to keep your luggage off the floor of the hotel room during your stay. Bed bugs are not attracted to metal and are more likely to infest your suitcase if it is left on the floor, bed, or dresser.
Now, having seen the above warnings, we do keep our luggage under the beds on a ship because there is little space anyplace else and I don't want to look at it. However, I would not open my suitcase up. This would make it easier for a bug to get inside. We do keep our carry-on's inside of our larger luggage to save space.
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OK, one more post on bed bugs.....aren’t you glad we brought it up.....and won’t drop it!

A website said to leave your luggage in the hotel bathroom. Bed bugs don’t move around on tile and so on. Great idea, except.....
- the poster probably never was on a cruise ship. Can anyone picture your luggage sitting in the SR bathroom!!!
- I put my luggage in the bathroom, then I get up in the middle of the night and wander in, and.......yup, crash, bang and off to the dispensary.

OK, back to putting luggage under the bed. It sounds as if most of us do and unless you have a steamer trunk or monster bag, all should be OK. I remember reading a post that said the stewards can take your luggage and store it if you wish. Never tried it and think it would be a hassle.