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Although it was a long time ago, I did take a dune buggy excursion in Coz. Not sure who the vendor was but it was not via the cruise line. The dune buggies we had were chopped VWs. It was a total blast. They also gave use free beer.
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Not sure what you are talking about? This is a dune buggy tour with a bit of snorkeling off the beach, no diving. But even if you do dive, it would be rare that you need anything more than a 1mm dive skin and all the dive tours will rent bcds and weights.
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I reached out to this company in regards to their ATV tour because I heard they didn't offer it anymore. I received a response and said they are now offering it again. I think that my 6 year old and I will be doing this tour with them. We have taken a dune buggy tour that included snorkeling this past April, however, that was through RCI and it was awesome. I am no sure abut the tour that this company offers but they seem to have high reviews.