What's the earliest you've booked a cruise?

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Ontario, Canada
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Joined Jan 2001
I feel we must be in the running for booking the earliest. We just book ourselves on the Millennium 12 night Europe cruise departing on October 25, 2005.

That's about 17 months from now.

Who can beat that?

plantation florida usa
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Eleven months for me. Booked it on another cruise for the onboard credit. Hey, if you want to book a cruise and give them a deposit they will let you
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15 MONTHS...When the deal presents itself...get the card out and book!!!


Lincoln CA USA, 95648
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16 months out longest for me.

Tried to book one 19 months, but it didn't show in computer (schedule not yet firmed up).

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We tend to plan way in advance to nail down the exact cruise, ship, and cabin that we want.

Our last 3 cruises were booked 14, 19.5, and 15 months in advance. We booked our 2/2/2 Infinity cruise 19.5 mo in advance while on board the Galaxy to get the ship board credit deal. That Caribbean season had just opened for booking and we basically had our choice of any cabin on the ship!

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Moon Township, Pa
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Almost three years in advance. I booked the Crystal Serenity's maiden voyage when they first announced that she was going to be built. All other times it's been about a year or so in advance. We booked a cruise on the Mille for March '05 in Jan '04 when we were on the Summit

Calabasas, CA, USA
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Joined Dec 2002
We just booked our longest advanced booking ever...we signed up for the July 16, 2005 Constellation to "Northern Europe" (Dover RT with Ireland and Norwegian Fjords)...Couldn't have booked any quicker since the 2005 Europe schedule just came out...

Of course, it's really just a "placeholder" booking...if the rates don't go up, we'll re-book it while on the Summit next month to get the onboard credit...Silly little games they make us play...

Summit, July 3, 2004: Alaska: 13 night cruisetour
Constellation, July 16, 2005: Northern Europe: 14 nights
Ontario, Canada
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Joined Jan 2001
Darn it! We should have booked while aboard the Constellation in March, to get the on-board credit. Of course, at that point, we didn't know what we were looking for for 2005.

Oh well, with any luck, a Captain's Club coupon will come out with a credit for our cruise. We booked so early to get the cabin I wanted - 6144 between the suites. The deck plan makes it look like the largest of the CC class.

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I have to get the hang of this game! Now that it appears that we are "into" cruising for vacations, I think I will have to book a cruise (any cruise, if I understand correctly)while on board each time. Then I could change the booking to whatever cruise we decide on taking...or cancel altogether if we decide to do a land trip.

Now, Steve....how do you execute your plan? Do you book on board, therefore holding a double booking, then cancel the first? Can you do that? Don't they have your first booking in the computer?

We booked a "good" inside cabin (plaza deck,midship...just where we like it). Our next cruise will be in October. By then, who knows where the available cabins will be located. I am very interested to know how your plan works out.

Just for interest...with Celebrity air & transfers, we are paying $8068 Can. for 2. I booked air because it seemed like a good price. If there should be a seat sale, I can always cancel, book my own...and then spend extra days in London. If not...well...July in London is not on my "LIST" of must-do's, so it doesn't matter.

Brenda J....weren't we on the same Alaska Cruise? I see your name on the boards...you have taken some wonderful trips!
Calabasas, CA, USA
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Joined Dec 2002
Yes, Babylene...
We'll book the cruise AGAIN on board...put up a second deposit...then we'll come home and cancel the first...
I don't think they care if we book two cabins...and their rules allow us to cancel at no cost since it's well before the sail date...
What they SHOULD do is just apply the onboard credit as long as we book ON OR BEFORE the current cruise...all they really want to do is sell you a cruise and the credit is just a spur to DO IT NOW while they have your attention...Why is it worth it to them to play THIS game?

Summit, July 3, 2004: Alaska: 13 night cruisetour
Constellation, July 16, 2005: Northern Europe: 14 nights
Ontario, Canada
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Joined Jan 2001
Hi Babylene

Yes, we were on the same Alaska cruise! After that, we did the Constellation transatlantic, and a few months ago, we did the Infinity from Chile to Ft. Lauderdale. That was my third time on Infinity.

I figure it's time to give the Millennium the once-over, and then we'll have to try the Summit.

By then, I'm hoping Celebrity will be sailing to the South Pacific and we'll try one of their older ships.

Happy travels!

The Big Tomato; i.e. Sacramento CA
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I booked this past March for the Infinity to Alaska, late August '05

'be a real student and take chances. live on the edge. teeter on the brink...skip on the tightrope. and if you fall, enjoy the wind on your smiling face.' -- paul lester

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McDonough, Ga
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It's not a Celebrity cruise, but I booked a cruise on Carnival's Valor last month for October 30, 2005. Though I tend to book early, that's by far the earliest for me.


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Valor - 10/05

Days til Valor Vampires Cruise

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We booked the Milli for 5/15/05 within 24 hours of the release of the schedule. That will be the longest wait in history, but it was hell coordinating three couples from three different parts of the country. We will play the switch game if we can't use our ff miles when we sail the Connie in Dec...which we have yet to book. I sure would hate to give up a wonderful cabin to take the edge off the high air. Booking this far out and watching for fare drops should keep me busy!!!
Phoenix, AZ USA
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We booked the Infinity to Hawaii 16 months in advance. Then we outdid ourselves & booked the Veendam 21 months in advance. Just a note - we ALWAYS purchase travel insurance!!

Happy Cruising!

Hawaii on the Infinity

The Caribbean on the Veendam