Oasis of the Seas cabin upgrade

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I will be sailing on the Oasis in 2 weeks. The ship is not sold out. What are the chances of getting an automatic upgrade? I am crown and anchor member at the platinum status. Has anyone ever received an upgrade?
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We and my brother both were offered (and took) up sells - we paid more to get into suites. Brother even went from a JS to a CLS. Fantastic week!! Got called Thursday before we left.
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I am Diamond with Royal and have never received a complimentary upgrade. Others with more cruises under their belts will say they have had the same experience. But there the occasional rare experience where some have been upgraded (or so I have read).
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We were booked in an Oasis cat 7 balcony in late November 2012. There were lots of suites available a week out from sailing. On the Wednesday prior to sailing we noticed our cabin was changed from a D7 to a Jr. Suite (we had selected automatic upgrade on our profile).

We are D+ with 250 days, this was our first complementary ever.

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Very rarely in life do you get something for nothing. I just book the cabin that I want and don't worry if I will get an upgrade. On our last cruise RCI wanted us to give up our cabin and they would give us a free cruise and refund all the money we paid for the cruise and airfare.
We didn't take the offer.
But they didn't offer to upgrade us for free.
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I am only a Gold member I am guessing the upgrade fairy wont be coming to see me
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We were plat when our connecting insides were upgraded to connecting CP Balconies. I've noticed Oasis class does more upgrades than other ships especially lower tiered. Maybe they want to liking balconies.

You didn't mention your cabin class. But good luck
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I have been offered a free upgraded once and it was on Oasis. Inside to balcony on deck 14

I believe the call was 2 weeks prior to sailing, it was in the evening around 7:45PM. Now 2 weeks before any sailings I stay home day and night waiting for the upgrade fairy to call.

I don't believe we were diamond at the time of the upgrade. I've read members with only 1 cruise have been upgraded.
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I've sailed the Oasis last January (2012) and Last week, both were in a Grand Suite and for both cruises we received calls the Tuesday prior to sailing offering the Upsell... But both years it varied, last year we were offered to upgrade to the Sky Loft Suite for $500 total (when we tried to take it, it was already gone since we missed calling them back in time). This year we were offered $750 pp to upgrade to a Crown Loft Suite and passed. This was the first time on RCCL we were contacted to change cabins
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We are also sailing on the Oasis on Feb 16th and have been able to get two upgrades/up-sells since final payment, but both times we had to ask.

We upgraded our kids from a CV (Central Park) Balcony to a BV (Boardwalk) balcony for no charge in December when the price dropped.
Then 2 weeks ago when they were trying to sell some of the remaining cabins and offered them as part of the Tuesday specials, we were able to upgrade from a D1 balcony to a JS for $20 each.

As there are still unsold cabins they will probably be offering up-sells, but in case they don't call you, you might want to consider calling them a few days before sailing and asking about upgrades especially if you are platinum
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Our 18+ year old "kids" were upgraded about two weeks out by phone from inside to Central Park view on Allure. (We parents, who paid for the trip, already had an ocean balcony.) One other time years ago we received a free upgrade upon check-in from regular balcony to JS. You never know...
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Originally posted by jalee7
I will be sailing on the Oasis in 2 weeks. The ship is not sold out. What are the chances of getting an automatic upgrade? I am crown and anchor member at the platinum status. Has anyone ever received an upgrade?
How do you find out how full the ship is
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Originally posted by AustinCruise
How does one find a thread from Jan 2013?
Sometimes someone does a search and does not realize that the threads returned are old.
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Originally posted by jalee7
I will be sailing on the Oasis in 2 weeks. The ship is not sold out. What are the chances of getting an automatic upgrade? I am crown and anchor member at the platinum status. Has anyone ever received an upgrade?
Slim and none, I'd say.
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Originally posted by trev71
I am only a Gold member I am guessing the upgrade fairy wont be coming to see me
I'm a D+ and she's never come to visit me either
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We were upgraded from a D1 to a JS on Oasis during her inaugural year. We were Emerald at the time. We booked about a year in advance so I think that may have had something to do with it vs. strickly our C&A status.
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It seems like the bigger ships such as Allure and Oasis have better chances. I was upgraded from a Balcony to JS four years ago on Allure and this time for October third from a inside guarantee to deck 14 central park balcony. You can never go wrong with cruising. 140 cruise points with Royal and I am only Twenty Two!