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We are traveling with my parents in Sept on the Allure. My mother needs oxygen only while she sleeps. We have the info for the 2 options/companies to rent the oxygen from but is there anything else we need to think about?

Tubing, power, etc.
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i would see if they have tanks or a battery powered unit. if you get the battery unit you need to try to get a back up incase the power is out for an entended amount of time as we have seen lately you can be stuck on the ship with no power for days. it may be cheaper to rent a portable concentrator from wherever she get her o2 from now if you are driving to the port.
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I use oxygen to sleep only. My dr. says I'm okay to go without for 3 days (but no more). That makes it a lot easier for me for the night before the cruise, since I usually fly in a day before. We also know that my low oxygen is confined to sleeping, so I don't have to worry about needing oxygen on the flight.

I've rented from both companies without any issue. If you rent and have it delivered to her cabin, the tubing and power cords are all there. If she uses hydration with the machine, be sure to tell the company that .. to be sure they provide the water bottle. I don't remember RCCL charging me for the distilled water, but that was about 5 years ago.

You can also look into renting or borrowing a portable concentrator (which is about 20 lbs since I assume she would need continuous flow like I do). The smaller POCs are pulse-only. But my oxygen provider does not let their equipment go out of the country (and a cruise ship is considered out of the country). I did find a local hospital which rents me a portable ... and there are place that will ship a portable to you as well.

However, traveling with a portable can be annoying ... and she would need a letter from her doctor stating that she is fit to travel, she is capable of operating the machine, and whether or not she will be using the POC on the flight. You can find the details on each airline's website. Requirements for this letter differ by airline -- as of this spring, United wanted that letter signed and dated within 10 days of the trip if the person would use the oxygen onboard. I have been asked for my letter about 25% of the time -- usually when boarding since I am carrying an extra bag. One grumpy flight attendant demanded not only my letter, but a letter from my husband for carrying on a CPAP as a medical carry-on. She said she had to show them to the captain.
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Thank you all for the information.

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