Maryland cruise addicts?

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Salisbury Md. USA
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Joined Oct 2002
I am so glad that so many people have signed onto this thread. It is really fun to get to "know" other cruise addicts.
I tried to set up a small family cruise to honor my Grandsons graduation from West Point next year. Only 8 people but I have given up being the family coordinator because no one will commit to a date . All I know is that I WILL cruise next spring even if it is only my daughter and me.

Harford County, MD
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Joined Aug 2004
Hi, Everyone. I'm from Harford County. Have already put down our deposit for Grandeur sailing on July 8, 2005! I'm so excited now, I'm gona be a mess when next year arrives.
Maryland, USA
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Wow I am so happy that we have so many responses. I just knew that I could not possibly be the only Marylander that is crazy for crabs and cruises. Perhaps before winter sets in we can get together, maybe at the inner harbor and go for a dinner cruise. My friends run for cover when we start talking about vacations cause they all know my preference when it comes to vacation talk, cause I love to talk about crusing.

This past June we drivoe to NJ and sailed out of Bayonne. and goodness it was the best embarkation and debarkation we have ever had. I am hoping that we have the same experience sailing out of Baltimore. I have gone out to the beach area by the Bay Bridge a couple of times to see the Grandeur sail by, wishing I was on it. Wow it seems like it takes hours for it to get to that point. As the ship went under the bridge, we could hear all the cheers from many of the passengers.

Karen, congratulations of your granson's upcoming graduation. No doubt you are bursting with pride. I hope you are able to get your family to commit to a date, what a time you will all have.
Hope everyone has a nie weekend, looks like it might be a great weekend for the beachgoers.

Maryland, USA
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Joined Dec 2003
Hi Tug,

we are booked for the Grandeur, but in June of 05. Really looking forward to driving maybe 30 mins instead of having to fly hundreds of miles in order to board a ship. Hope more cruiselines decide to come to Baltimore, so our choices will even harder to make. But we prefer RCI.

Harford County, MD
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Joined Aug 2004
Annieeee -

I especially love the fact that we won't have to fly. Not a fan of flying. I'm definitely more of a water bug!

My husband works on the waterfront in Baltimore and got to see the Grandeur embarking a few Sundays ago. He said the ship is absolutely beautiful, lots of glass.

I can't wait. Hurry up July!
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The Villages, FL, USA
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We sailed out of Bayonne ourselves at the very end of May on the Voyager on a 5-nighter to Canada. It was terrific. Embarkation was messed up but due to no fault of RCI. It seems that feds suspected some drug traffickers trying to smuggle some stuff in, so they made everyone from the debarking cruise wait until every cabin and everything else had been thoroughly searched. We never heard the result, but I know at 5:00 p.m. they were still getting passengers off the ship that had arrived before noon, so all of us had to just cool our heels in that huge waiting terminal. It still beat flying to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. It will take RCI a year or better to get everything sorted out at that decrepit old Army marine terminal, but from what I've read, they are committing millions of bucks to doing just that. Sure hope Maryland and the cruise lines get past all the politics and make Baltimore a premier cruise port!

Wow .. Atonal1! Sooooo jealous of your leaving tomorrow on the Carnival Triumph. We're equal opportunity cruisers who'd sail again in a minute on Carnival and Celebrity (and I'm sure on other cruises lines we haven't tried yet). Our 11-person family cruise on Carnival's Fascination this spring was terrific and it was only around 70,000 tons compared to Triumph's 110,000 tons. So you should have 50% more fun on that 50% bigger ship. Although we've never had a bad cruise yet, RCI seems to be our favorite and we're working toward getting to higher levels in their frequent cruiser program. Our September cruise will take us to their Platinum level and then the one in October will move us closer to their Diamond level. We love their savings certificates and enjoy their little onboard perks. Have a fantastic time on the Triumph .. fair winds and following seas, as they say!

Welcome Marilee and TugMD!

Annieeee: At what time does the Grandeur pass by the beach area at the Bay Bridge? I'd love to watch her sail by sometime.

Karen: Congratulations on your grandson's achievement! Don't give up too soon on that family cruise. We did an 11-person one (and I was the coordinator) in May. It was one of life's greatest memories for my widower father-in-law (and his lady friend) , his four children and 2 of his grandchildren and we 3 spouses delighted in seeing our beloveds reveling in the special time together and had a blast ourselves!

Having a place of us Maryland cruise addicts to hang out and post is really great. Like the idea of eventually getting together somewhere, sometime .. perhaps at the Inner Harbor, perhaps somewhere down stream to watch the Grandeur sail by as we munch a crabcake.

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Hi. I'm leaving Sunday on a cruise out of Baltimore (1st time trying this). I grew up in Kensington, and now live in Potomac. Live with a die-hard Terps fan. Will be sailing out of Miami on the Explorer with the family for Spring Break on 3/27. Glad there's a MD thread!
The Villages, FL, USA
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majlvr301: Have a great cruise aboard the Grandeur. Let us know what you thought about the ship and cruise when you get back. Fear the Turtle!

Tom <UMd alum>
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Joined Jun 2004
Madelinerose, just cross your fingers you don't get bumped off your Carnival Cruise - apparently Carnival has made mistakes in overbooking the Miracle cruises and ending up bumping the local Marylanders off the ship. Many angry customers left high and dry. At least that's what I was reading not only in the Baltimore Sun, but also other Maryland posters on Cruise Critic.

I'm going on my first cruise ever out of Baltimore next year on Royal Caribbean, I've never heard about any of them getting bumped, so I'm hoping to finally become a Maryland cruise addict.
Salisbury Md. USA
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Pistachio42, Thank you for your congratulations and the info on your family cruise. I am still pushing everyone to come to a decision soon.
Annieeee, Thank you also and thanks for the info on Bayonne. Because West Point graduation is on a Saturday we have to sail on The Sunday following. I think we have to sail from somewhere we can drive to in the morning. I was looking at RCI out of Bayonne. The Explorer sails on Sundays.

Annapolis, MD
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Definitely a Maryland Cruise Addict. In fact a few of the posters, Atonal1 and Imosoreal have met for dinner through this board. So when and where is the next Maryland Cruise Addicts Happy Hour!

Booked for Two Cruises next year-BOS-Pananma Canal and Voyager to Bermuda over Memorial Day!
Marylands Eastern Shore
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We are from Maryland also. DH grew up in Silver Spring which is were we lived for years before moving to the Eastern Shore a few years ago. We love it here on the Chesapeake Bay. We going on a cruise from Baltimore September 13th. We are retired and living in Sherwood, a stones throw from Tilghman Island.
Las Vegas
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Morning Marylanders! For those of you cruising our of B'more, I hope things are better than when I cruised in March! Didn't leave from B'more, ir was the repo cruise for Galaxy, San Juan to B'more. We docked at 6:30 am and I didn't get off the ship until 2:15. I was just fine sitting up on the Lido Deck pretending I was still cruising, but my son who came to pick me up was having heart attacks in the pickup area since he got there around 11:00.........Have a great cruise though!!
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Maryland, USA
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You have four in Odenton, Would love to cruise more, but 2 are in school.
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Just wanted to let everyone know that it takes a little longer for the ship to clear customs in Baltimore than it does in Miami or San Juan. If you know this ahead of time it's no problem. When we sailed Grandeur in June we arrived in Baltimore at 8am, but they didn't start allowing anyone off until around 10:30-11am, which they had told us the day before. They ask eveyone to leave their rooms by 8, breakfast is served until 9 (if I remember correct), then you have to stay in one of the public areas until your color is called. They have tea, coffee, cards and board games in various areas. It was well organized and people were just relaxing waiting to debark. No one was in a hurry to leave. Even waiting for a couple hours was better than the hassle of flying. We drove to the port and our color was called around 11. Driving home helps keep that relaxation going since there's no stress about fllying at the end of the vacation.

Glen Rock, PA
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Hi another Maryland cruise addict here. Live in Woodbine MD which is about midway between Baltimore and Frederick in Howard County.

Love cruisin! leaving tomorrow on NCL Crown out of NYC-- haven't sailed from Baltimore yet, the itinerary and prices don't thrill us so far. Been on Carnival, Princess, Royal Caribbean, NCL and Disney..have loved them all but for us, Princess and Celebrity were not our favorites.

When does the Grandeur usually travel under the Bay Bridge? We were on our way back from OC a week ago and I was wishing that moment would come while we were on the bridge. Maybe a view from Sandy Point SP would be a good vantage point?

Happy sails!
Chris Mitchell
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