What's weather like in Cozumel in November..Too cold to swim..Port or Starboard side.

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We've been away from cruising for a while but we're back now... We'll be in Cozumel over the Thanksgiving holiday week and was wondering what's the weather usually like the end of November and the beginning of December?
Is it too cold to cmfortably go swimming? Thinking about Mr Sanchos or Nachi. Port side or Starboard??
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We went on our cruise Nov 6th and the weather was warm - we swam w/ the dolphins and the water was cool, but not unbearable. We also went in Dec. 20th and the water was the same and sunny/cloudy weather - you'll be just fine - have fun....
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We were in Cozumel last October. Water was wonderful and plenty warm to swim. We pulled in Starboard but our cabin was port and we could see the coast line. Either would be fine I think.
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It is warm enough to swim in year round. However during the dead of winter some cool fronts will make it a bit tough on you when you get out of the water. The water will be fine, come on in.
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we were there in mid-December last year. Certianly warm enough to have swum (not that we did)
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We were in Cozumel over Thanksgiving. We had alot of rain, but the water was very warm we swam in Cozumel and Grand Cayman, Cave tubed in Belize (cooler water, but typical in the caves)
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Thanksgiving week is our favorite time of the year to cruise--Especially in the Caribbean. As long as you are south of Cuba (and Cozumel is), the weather is GREAT.

You'll have mid 80's to low 90's as your daily temps. The water temp in the Caribbean is 78 to 80 almost year around; perfect for scuba or snorkel.

Hope This Helps.
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I have cruised to Coz in December and the weather was absolutely beautiful. It must have been in the high 80's and the water in the ocean was warm. It felt just like the middle of summer!!
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I have to agree with DHADEN. We cruised Thanksgiving and went to Cozumel and it was the most incredible weather! Mid 80's, virtually no humidity. The water was a bit chilly, but nothing unbearable.

We went to Mr. Sanchos and did the all-inclusive ($50/pp) and it was awesome! Would highly recommend it.

Enjoy your cruise.
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Yahoooooooooooooooo!!! Thanks for all the input. We're really looking forward to getting back into the swing of cruising and chatting with out cc buds... lol
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We'll be there too on Voyager. Nachi is where you'll find us ensconced!

We've been in Coz numerous times, and the weather although sometimes a bit hazy or cloudy couldn't keep us out of the pool, the ocean or the heated jacuzzi!
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we will be in Coz the second week of Nov. on the Navigator. In March we did Nachi and it was great was going to do this again but what does the all Inclusive at Mr sanchos include.
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I forgot to say 8 times out of 10 port side is the island side. But sometimes, depending on the master, they back in.
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We had hot weather on all 2 Thanksgiving Western cruises, 1 of which had Cozumel as a stop. OTOH there sea was a bit stormy, but not in Cozumel.

I recomment renting a car and driving around the island sampling different beaches.
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Originally posted by pinkaboo
We've been away from cruising for a while but we're back now... We'll be in Cozumel over the Thanksgiving holiday week and was wondering what's the weather usually like the end of November and the beginning of December?
Is it too cold to cmfortably go swimming? Thinking about Mr Sanchos or Nachi. Port side or Starboard??
I was there the week after Thanksgiving last year, and it was still warm enough to swim.
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We were there last year on Thanksgiving week and it was warm enough to swim. We did Mr Sanchos on that cruise, but last September we had done Nachi Cocum and I would go back to Nachi again over Mr Sanchos. However, it is just my opininon!
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Hi, just thought I'd add my two cents worth here if you don't mind another opinion? I have been in Cozumel twice, once in January a few years back, and more recently once after Thanksgiving just as you are going. Took snorkel trips both times, and in my opinion the water was cold, but not freezing in January, it kind of depends on what you are used to. My being from Florida would probably call water cold when some others from northern climates would probably call the same water temperature warm. So, as I said it all depends on the individuals' interpretation based on his or her experience etc. Having said that though, even for me, a thin blooded Floridian the water was beautiful after Thanksgiving in early December. Speaking of which husband and I are cruising to Cozumel again after Thanksgiving this year on RCCL's Liberty of the Seas which leaves for four (4) days Nov. 28th. Since this is our third trip to Cozumel, thought we'd either do a beach day at Nachi Cocom as others have suggested here which we have not done before, or have also been looking into a day at Xel Ha. Either looks like a great all inclusive day! Just google either to find websites with descriptions of each of them, or google Cozumel shore trips for loads of choices of things to do or places to go, and the styles of each to know what to expect. Anyway, hope that this helps.
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Cozumel Insider has all things Cozumel, including average water temps:

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Thank you! I agree completely with you. I'm from Florida and I think it's too cold but other family members from up North think I'm crazy. We may do a beach excursion with the option to snorkel off of the beach, if we feel like it. The kids and I did that last Spring Break because they were nervous about snorkeling for the first time. They loved it, of course.
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