Cabin/Balcony Advice Caribbean Princess

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Upstate NY
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I am in the process of booking my first cruise on Princess and I need some "expert" advice. My family of 4 will be booking 2 balcony cabins together for a cruise next February on Caribbean Princess. I have narrowed my choices down to 2 possible scenarios. 2 BB cabins next to each other aft on the Baja deck or 2 BA cabins next to each other mid ship on the Caribe deck.

I believe the Caribe deck balconies are larger than the typical balcony cabins but I wasn't sure if the aft balconies on Baja deck were just as big.

So, which scenario would you do?


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The aft BBs are also oversized, but are fully covered, while the side cabins on Caribe are half open, half covered. Both are excellent choices, but for me the wake view always wins out

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I've been in both, and the Caribe deck wins out for me only because I have to have my sun!!!! With a half and half huge balcony, you have best of both worlds. I do love watching the wake though.

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You can get a fair amount of sun even in one of the aft cabins. One nice thing about the aft cabins is that you are very well protected from any wind while the ship is moving.

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Hi Bill-

Remember me? I noticed you posted this topic. We are actually going on the CP in 3 more weeks, sorry you won't be there! I'll let you know what I think.

P.S. Hope all is well!

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Upstate NY
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How could I forget YOU! Hopefully you forgot that I still owe you an adult beverage.

Great hearing that you are going on CP in a couple weeks and I would love ANY info you can get on the ship. We decided to book 2 adjacent balcony cabins aft on Baja deck, 749 and 751 for next February. I think you should sneak a peak at these cabins for me and report back what you find. And if you like the ship why not book another cruise for next February and I can pay up my debt to you.

Do I dare ask how your flight arrangements to Fort Lauderdale have worked out?

Keep in touch and have a great cruise.

Westchester NY and VA
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My flight arrangements are great!!!That's because I did my own air. Yup - - I'm flying from NYC to Florida non-stop. No stops in St. Louis, or anyplace else this time!!

I will be happy to look at those cabins for you, but it will cost ya! Say... maybe a adult beverage perhaps? Well fret not, I won't hold you to it! I'd love to go out again in February, but alas, I had a great year so I am doing another cruise at Christmas this year. We are going on the Adventurer, and yes, I booked my own flights on this one too! I maybe blonde,but it only takes one time for me to learn a hard lesson.

Glad to hear from you!


"Attitude is the minds paintbrush. It can color any situation."