Imperial Majesty

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Cork, Republic of Ireland
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Hi guys,

Bit of a newbie to this sort of thing so here goes:
I had a nice call with the usual sales nonsense about free cruises and well done you must be so happy blah blah blah.
It turns out to be a sales pitch for Ramada Plaza and it throws in a trip to the Bahamas on the IMperial Majesty.
Naturally I felt duped, even more so when I finally read some of the cruise reviews. Now here I'm finding something different so I decided to suck it and see.

So let me see if I understand this, the imperial majesty is an old tub. However, don't expect a 5 star service and you won't be dissapointed. Is there any hints or advice about what are the better cabins/locations on the ship? From what I understand it seems like a place to have a bit of a laugh and to just go with the flow?

I also see a few people on here were heading down the same route so peeps, what's the feed back, have I been scammed or is this what is seems, cheap sweaty fun?

Thanks guys and I look forward to reading the responses.


The sheep.
Orlando, Florida USA
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Welcome aboard Cruise Critic.

If you read through the posts that are here you'll see some mentions of good cabins. It appears A & B deck cabins may be a bit worn but higher gets better. Don't know if you were duped....depends on what you paid; assume you're getting more than just the cruise on the Regal Empress. You can buy an entry level cabin on the Empress for about USD129 return and the prices go up from there depending on the class of the cabin and availability.

I received a mailing from the Ramada Plaza about a year ago but I don't recall what the deal was.

Regardless, the cruise is decent enough and you get a quick visit to Nassau.
Cork, Republic of Ireland
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Joined May 2005
Thanks for that, I have read some interesting things from about 5 years ago involving Ramada Plaza Resorts but in fairness Imperial Majesty seems to me to be a fairly striaght up deal in getting what you pay for.

I'll wait until the written confirmations appear and i'll take things from there.

If the worst comes to the worst I'll make my own arangements and take hte cruise
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I was on Regal Empress 2 weekends ago, been wanting to write a review but was wiped out by the flu most of the week.

Avoid A & B decks, it's not a matter of poorly maintained as much as just plain unacceptable. Upgrades were fairly expensive, I was quoted about the following to upgrade from an bottom of the heap, no TV, upper/lower Cat 12:

Cat 9 inside $45 (A Deck)
upper deck inside $75
Outside porthole $175
Suite $480

I will be posting a list of 10 places to check out onboard for classic ship lovers, and hopefully will get a few pics uploaded for people to see. Will post my review separately, it will not be good unfortunately.

As for the timeshare thing, please educate yourself before you go. There are a number of timeshare re-sale sites, I would stongly advise you see what the Ramada resales are going for. And actually, if you've never been to a timeshare presentation I would advise you, absolutely, no matter what, no matter how good the deal seems, do not buy. You'll see why when you (finally) walk out the final door. There were people onboard who were bought to tears, literally, once they talked to other people who did not buy. I will no say more in case the post is removed, just PLEASE educate yourself!
Cork, Republic of Ireland
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Joined May 2005
Thanks for that. In fairness I have done a bit of research and purley from a business perspective it makes no sense to me. The best option is usually to just buy a place, pick the two you weeks you want to go (if you want to go) and rent it out the rest of the time.

As for the cruise, I'll take you advice on the upgrade, I have afeeling it should be quite an enjoyable little trip (taking the timeshare non-sense out of it).

I am a tad concerned about that as neither my wife nor I suffer fools, and I would hate to be arrested on my vacation the thumping a pushy time share rep!!