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This is my first cruise. So I am pretty excited. I know the ship is not that of the big guys, so I have a few questions. How are the rooms? What exactly is proper attire for dinner? How are the dancing clubs? What can one take for sea sickness that does not make you sleepy for the entire vacation? What are the best things to do in Nassau? Shopping deals? Any other tips would help too.

Thanks a bunch in advance
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There is great variation between cabin categories -- and possibly even within categories. If you are on A- or B-deck, your cabin will likely be small and nondescript, while some of the cabins on Main Deck and Upper Deck are huge. Public rooms also run the gamut from plain (the show lounge) to fabulous (the dining room, Commodore Lounge, etc.)
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For dinner.......No Shorts in the dining room
Just wear what you would to a decent Restaurant at home. I'd wear Kaki pants and a nice shirt.

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We were on the Main Deck three years ago when we sailed on the Regal Empress. It was "decent", that's all I can say. The bathroom was tiny but even the new megaships have small bathrooms. This was tinier though.

From what I've read on here from more recent cruisers, A & B deck cabins are "worn" and don't have televisions. You have to go to a better class to get better condition and a television. One thing I liked about the television was rather than satellite channels from the U.S. you got whatever the master antenna picked up. If it's still that way you'd get Miami channels for much of the journey and then some Bahamian stations while in the Bahamas. me anyway.

Large disco; used to be the ship's movie theater when the ship sailed in the 50's and 60's. Played hip hop and some dance hits. The Commodore Lounge was for band music; there was a piano bar too.

As for Nassau, you dock right at the foot of Bay Street where all the shopping is. We generally walk down one side of the street and then back the other way on the other side of the street. Lots of jewelery stores; know U.S. prices before you buy. There is no sales tax so the price you see in all stores is the price you pay. Brand name cosmetics and perfume/cologne can be a really good deal but know your U.S. prices first and then remember no sales tax either. Staw market is mostly junk. Keep your wallet in your front pocket because it's very cramped. Side streets between Bay Street and the waterfront also have shops. At drug stores you can get cough medicine with codeine and Allegra allergy tablets as those are non-prescription in the Bahamas. Lots of t-shirt shops. Lots of liquor stores; again tax free and everything in 1 liter bottles that they don't sell in the U.S. anymore. But check the prices on the ship first so you know which is a better deal as often ships are a bit lower and then you don't have to haul liquor around Nassau as you shop.

Finally, my sightseeing highlight is to walk a couple blocks EAST on Bay Street and then a couple blocks SOUTH past the hospital to the Queens' Staircase. Climb that and you're at Fort Fincastle for a free overview of the city and the ships in the harbor. Not sure if they're reopened the Water Tower but if they have then it's worth the 50-cents to go to the top for a GREAT view.

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