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Glasgow ,Scotland
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As a Scot who has replied to the other thread re what would British people like to see on the ships (decent tea bags pleaseeee) I thought we should mention all the things we like about cruising on American cruiseships before we start to sound like moaning minnies.

I have cruised with P&O ,PRINCESS and Royal Carribean I have enjoyed all my cruises some better than others but what I really enjoy about the American cruiselines is thier sense of "Can Do" attitiude . There is such a a sense of enthusiasm in the service and the staff work their socks off to ensure that you can pretty much get what you want anytime night or day and service with a smile.

The cocktails are excellent and although more expensive that what we pay in this country they do not stint on the measures so perhaps work out cheaper than we think overall .

Food is really varied which no doubt reflects the make up American society as a whole.

It seems to me ( maybe incorrectly) that it is American cruise ships which are more innovative and are not afraid to try out new ideas.The Lawn Club is an example .

I would love to hear why others choose to go on American cruise lines as opposed to P&O or any other line . It cannot just be about price as sometimes there is very little in the cost so lets hear why you choose to cruise with Celebrity .

Hampshire UK
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Good post, we have been on =X= once before & were most impressed by the service level, nothing was a problem & the staff all spoke English, more importantly understood the language as opposed to just knowing common questions & items on the menu. As opposed to P&O everything was just that bit nicer.
Franklin, TN
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I am American and not British but here is my take on it. We have cruised somewhere between 15-20 times and have never had a bad cruise. And we have cruised several different lines. When I hear people on board complaining about every little thing it really makes me think that those folks just enjoy kvetching. Cruising is alot of fun and I believe every line does a good job at what they do or else they will go out of business. There are just so many options out there competing for our discretionary dollars that they have to make you happy. And for the most part, cruise lines do a great job at ensuring that their clients want to come back again and again. Celebrity is one of the lines that I have never had the chance to cruise on but am booked for April and I know we will have a blast! The entire cruising experience appeals to me and I dont think that will ever change.
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Hampshire UK
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You are right, never had a bad 'un either. We always fancied the idea of cruising, especially seeing all the huge ships when we were children growing up in the Southampton area & to actually GO on one...WOW!! I always feel so proud (no idea why) sailing down Southampton Water on a splendid ship
Hampshire UK
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Originally posted by scotslizzy

We will be sailing from Southampton on June 1st will give you a wave!


Thanks makes me feel wanted!! it was a wave you said!!