how bad is an adjoining cabin?

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Caguas< Puerto Rico, USA
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i have an adjoining cabin booked (1536) on AOS august 22,04. I didn't realize it until a few weeks ago. is the wall thinner than other cabins? i am so worried about this. should I change the cabin? or is not that bad? thanks!
Birmingham, AL USA
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I think there should be no problem unless you have a bunch of drunks partying late. I have only once had a noise problem, and that was teens in the passageway at 2:30 AM. I just stuck my head out the door and said "Please be quiet.: That ended it.
Gene in Birminghamu
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Had one a few year ago on the Grandeur, and it was very noisy. The man in the next cabin got drunk, broke a glass table when he fell over it. Then to make matters worse he tossed the table over board.
Needless to say it was a long night.

Good Luck
Surprise, Az.
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We have had many connecting cabins, by choice when traveling with friends. The biggest drawback to connecting is a chair instead of a love seat.

Unless the people next to you are real party goers you shouldn't have a problem.

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Been in a few and could hear voices through the door. Switch if you can. If you can't, take a sound machine. We never leave home without ours.

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Atascocita, Texas
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I have only had two ,and we never heard anything ,although we had really good neighboors,on both sides.And we spent alot of on our Balcony,or simply crashed out.

Family..what kind of sound machine do you have?
I have begun to suffer from sleep apnea,and we are renting a beach cabin in Galveston in May..
It has a large open sleep area!!!

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Does cigarette smoke come thru under or around the door?

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Had an adjoining room...never heard a sound...don't sweat it...have a great cruise.

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I don't think you have anything to worry about. We were recently on the Splendour and had an adjoining cabin. We didn't hear a peep out of the folks next door. In fact, the only time we heard anything outside of our cabin was when we were on the balcony at the same time as our other neighbors and they were talking loudly--but that didn't happen often.
St Cloud, FL 34769
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I had an adjoining room on my last cruise. The draw back is you get a chair instead of a love seat. That I didn't like. Noise really wasn't an issue. As for the smoking, you shouldn't smoke in your cabin. The smoke alarm will go off, ours did. We just smoked on the balcony.

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I don't think the door is really an issue as far as sound goes. We did not have adjoining cabins on our first cruise and could hear the people next door anyway. I think if you have loud neighbors your gonna hear them no matter what. We loved our adjoining cabins on the Mariner (of course...we booked them that way because we have small kids and they were in one room and we were in the other...we kept the door opened most of the time)

As the above mentioned, the main drawback of an adjoining room is that there is only a chair in the room and not a sofa.

Cindy & Jonathan

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Smoke - Not under the door, but through the ventalation system once on a Disney cruise ship.

The RCCL ship that we could hear our neighbor was the Vision. We could hear the TV and the people talking (not bad mind you) through the door.

brn2crz - It is called Sound Screen by Marpac Corporation.

We purchased the dual speed and love it! In fact we fight over who gets the machine if one of us is going out of town.

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Wilmington, DE
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I would neverhave another adjoining cabin, unless, it was adjoining to family members.

Our neighbors were VERY noisy and came in late everynight. Now I make sure I request a cabin that does not have an adjoining door. We could hear every word the young girls (20-25)next to us said. It was very annoying at 2 in the morning. And that was a 10 day cruise!

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Caguas< Puerto Rico, USA
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thanks for all the replies. we are very excited and are looking forward to this cruise. we are gonna stay with that cabin. i can't wait till august! thanks again!
Houston, TX USA
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We had an adjoining cabin on the Radiance this past November, never heard a word from next door.

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