"Special" clothes to pack for Antarctica

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Originally posted by RachelG
There is a mud room with individual slots for each suite for storing the boots. It has an area with hoses and scrub brushes to get penguin poop or whatever else you might have stepped in off. At the beginning of the cruise they put a tag with your suite number on each boot.

As far as backpacks and poles, the most recent version does not have a way to attach the poles. Everyone just carried theirs. I bring the backpacks home and donate to the caring center at our church. They are always needing them.

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Thank you for the useful info. I debated about taking trekking poles on our Longyearbyen/Spitsbergen cruise, left them home, but then wished that I had them with me when we hiked on the permafrost (I was at the very back of the line). So I am definitely taking them with me to Antarctica. Just ordered some new Leki ones that collapse down to 15" (current ones are 24").

When ordering the Parka, should I order the next size up? Do the sizes take layering into account?
Will we need a balaclava?
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2 poles each, I imagine?

And I'm seeing conflicting info about the parkas. Are they "free gifts" or do we just get them for the duration of the voyage?
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Parkas are yours to keep. In my opinion the do run small and I order a size up. However they have plenty in stock on board and will do an exchange for you if they do not fit.

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I ordered true to size and was fine, but if in doubt, order one size up.

The parkas are yours to keep. They are great in Oklahoma winters.
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I love the "NEW" parkas on SS. They are a blue down coat, under a red waterproof coat. If you order the wrong size your butler will change it no problems. It is yours to keep. We have been on several of the cold climate cruises and when we have got off we have donated the parkas to the Salvation Army/Lifeline shop in the area. As we live in the tropics we dont really need the coats, but I did keep the blue inner jacket from our last cold cruise and it will come in handy next month when we venture south to Kangaroo Island !
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Thanks for the confirmation. Now how do *I* tell *her* I was right this time?

We'll have parkas on when we go to the airport already, will have to figure out how to maneuver two each of them into the suitcase!
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Shopping done! Mostly.

Ordered our parkas yesterday. Also I rented boots (wife bought -- she needs new winter boots), we both rented poles and I rented pants (she found a great markdown at the Eastern Mountain OOB sale). We used the vendor linked to by SS (Ship to Shore Traveler). They had a drop down to pick your boat . . . and Cloud wasn't listed, so we had to chose "Other". Sent them an e-mail with our order number so hopefully everything shows up for us.

Now to find a camera!