Tabbies? What are they and do you use them?

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OK, been reading the Revealed books and the suggest getting "Tabbies" for the beach and snorkeling? (going to the Big Island and Kaui).
Anyone use them... where do you get them. are they in place of water shoes? Are they "necessary"?
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Wow, that's a word I haven't heard for a long time!
Yes, they're like water shoes. I've seen fisherman use them for navigating wet/slippery rocks. I've seen them here at Walmart, K-Mart, those kinds of stores; price may be $15.00 or so, but not positive.

I guess it's just what you're used to wearing at the beach. I don't think they are "necessary".

Have a wonderful time in Hawaii!

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Trying to pull the kids water shoes... just don't want their feet "chopped up". I (on the otherhand) have feet of leather so I'll be ok w/just my flip flops (water shoes aren't really going to be good on my feet since they're terribly wide and misshappen by surgery still)>
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Tabbies are used by local fishermen for climbing around on the rocky shores. They have a thick felt bottom and a "toe" separation that helps with traction. They're pretty comfy and durable.
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Just a word of warning, unless you're use to it and extremely careful at that, lava can be really hard to walk on. It's exceedingly slick when wet and cuts like a finely honed knife. We have hard soled dive bootes and even they get trashed on the lava. This is not so much an issue on Oahu, but most of Hawai'i's beaches are still geologically young and full of lava.

If you do get cut, clean it out immediately as they can fester very quickly and ruin a vacation. Voice of experience here.

Whatever you chose, be careful out there and have a great time in the islands.

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I've been using some cheapo water shoes in my travels, the same pair for years. I use them strolling rocky coastline, boats, can use the same pair for pavement though the sole isn't cushioning for a long walk and they look dorky. Compatible with certain types of swim fins.

Some sell for around $10 here, they're light and squish into nothing in your bag. I think I'd only use true "tabi" if I walked rock many times a week, or had the extra weight of scuba gear to deal with.
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Nice tabi (split toe) style. Total overkill for the casual tourist but pretty good.

No one makes uglier shoes than Teva, you have to admit. What's the fun in being a tourist if you can wear blindingly tacky fashion? Split toe again

japanese style outdoor tabi. The fisherman rock/water tabi I used ages ago had hard sole, zip up side. I couldn't find any to link here.

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ALOHA.. we're at the sheraton now in Kauii.. weather beautiful.. of course didn't get the tabbies.
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Are these shoes needed if were going snorkeling at Molokini Crater?
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Where can one buy tabi's in the states. (new jersey). Saw them at Sports Authority but they are expensive. ($50.00) If can't get them in N.J. where can I get them in Hawaii? Many thanks for the info. Lois