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We choose hotel rooms that have a microwave so the little one can have her warm milk. This will be our first cruise, but I don't think cruise cabins have microwaves, right? When she wants warm milk at 7 am or 9 pm, how do we do it? Sometimes the littlest things make the biggest differences!
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Not sure how you would go about this. How old is your little one? We took DS first crusie when he was 14 months and DD when she was 17 months, they both were on cold milk by then.
There is 24 hours room service on most ships, perhaps you could order it from them?

Good Luck!
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Oh I remember those days . (DDs are 16&17, now) Try this...if the milk is going in a bottle, simply run the tap water on 'hot' ( or hottest it will get) and let the bottle sit under it , or you could use a icebucket or the like as a 'holding tank' ...( I suppose a sippy cup would work with this method also ) other wise when you get the mild you could also request a pup or two of hot water ( like they'd give you for hot tea) and do the same thing... I used to use this little trick all the time.
Good luck and happy cruising!
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My kids are almost 6 and 3 and they STILL like their warm milk!!! Settles them right down, especially when they are overtired and need to sleep and are still too wired ....

I have a small electric kettle that doubles as a slow cooker so it has a hot plate inside it, not a coil - I can sit something inside it resting partially on the hot plate no problem, and it has a temp. adjuster so it can heat on low or med or high, and I always take it on vacation with us, with either a hard plastic baby bottle to use inside, or a metal measuring cup (like you use to steam milk for lattes), or something else that works with the heat, and I boil some water with the milk in the container inside the kettle.
Works really well, not too big, plastic, packs easially.
Found it - by Rival model 4071

I also take along some of those dish washing cloths with the dish soap already in them (I cut them up as they are pretty big), in a ziplock bag, so I always have dish soap to wash the bottles, sippy cups, etc etc. "palmolive dishwipes"
(yep, pretty much pack everything but the kitchen sink!!)
I find putting the cold milk into the sink and soaking it in hot tap water takes TOO LONG for the little ones to wait (you need to really anticiptate their needs).
You could order room service warm milk, but also order cold milk so you can mix to the right temp. because likely the warm will be too hot. Depends how long room service takes!!

I agree - it is the little things that the kids like that can really make the difference between a great vacation and one with some stress!!! Hubby always asks - WHY are you bringing that crap???? Then when I fix the "meltdown" and restore peace, he understands!!!!
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