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Originally posted by kpalmer
What is the best cruise line for the 20 somethings age group?
I always hear its Carnival...haven't been on Carnival going to Mex riviera in April on the Carnival Spirit. Have sailed on NCL(hawaii) & RCL(baja). On both those cruises there were lots of 20ish ers and they all seemed to be having a blast.Lots of on deck parties/games etc & nightclubs had current dance music.I've heard HAL is mostly old people(I'm 40ish so older than that hahaha) and "quieter". So imho i think you'd have fun on any of those cruiselines. Esp is you are going for Spring Break...its really fun and there' s lots of college age kids on board during that time. I'm sure u will have fun no matter what...cruising is I think the best vacation..always something to do or not do if you want.
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Some cruiselines have restrictions on ages for bookings, e.g. must be 25 or older. Best to talk to a Travel Agent.

I agree with VladdyFan; Carnival has the reputation of being more of a party atmosphere so that would work best for your group.

Welcome to Cruise Critic and Cruising.
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Originally posted by kpalmer
What is the best cruise line for the 20 somethings age group?
I have only sailed Disney and Carnival. I think your group would be most happy with Carnival. There is a lot of people your age hanging out at the pool and enjoying the games. But like someone else said any cruise would be loads of fun! There is something for everyone at just about every time of the day. Just be sure to starve yourself and get lots of sleep before you go!
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Originally posted by BroncosFan2010
Carnival.... but why is this posted in the Foodies section?
I was wondering the same thing. First post, goes all the way into the site to get to the foodies section? I smell a troll.
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Originally posted by crewsweeper
I was wondering the same thing. First post, goes all the way into the site to get to the foodies section? I smell a troll.
LOL we are always so suspicious of 1st posters!
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From a 20 something-er, I would definitely say Carnival. Also, if you want a younger crowd then make sure you book during the right times. Spring Break is a great time to go or during/around other holidays. Avoid off-peak times like Sept-Nov and Jan-Feb. Shorter cruises and cheaper cruises also attract a younger crowd.

Carnival, Royal, and Norwegian all should be OK but I would stay away from Celebrity, Holland America, and Princess.

Again, Carnival is your best bet.
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My fiance and I are 20somethings (we're both 24). We went on Carnival last year, in October... yeah, non-peak time. There were actually a lot of 20somethings on the cruise. I guess if you want to meet 20something college kids, go during Spring Break. If you want to be around 20something young professionals/couples, go in the off season (it's cheaper to cruise then so we can afford it, hehe). I was kinda worried about it myself but there were a lot of people our age around .

Also I think that the length of the cruise matters a lot. Ours was 5 days. On the longer cruises, which are more expensive and require more vacation days, there's probably fewer young people.
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Both carnival cruises i went on were great for 20's. I also went on royal carib to the mexican riviera last year during spring break (i'm 27) and it was INSANE!! Highly recoemended if you want a good time with a younger crowd
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Foodwise, any cruiseline will do...20-somthings are notoriously bad eaters! Ramen noodles are "haute cuisine"...even NCL will be a "step up'!