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Originally posted by Cotton
Aww, Pete. Hang on, and I'll run on up and make you some Grillades and grits or Eggs Sardou - a few beignets on the side?
SOLD! But please excuse this northerner, who puts suger in his grits.
Gulfport, Mississippi
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Sugar? I can't even imagine...

Oooops, looks like we got moved. 2Ports will never see this now. Oh well.
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Originally posted by Cotton
OK...It was Commander's Palace. I worked with Emeril when he was there, and later w/the fantastic Jamie Shannon before he passed away. GREAT experience working for the Brennans.

In order to make this posting "cruise-related" ... It amazes me to read some of the thoughts of cruisers who think cruise food is 5-star. I thoroughly enjoy the dining room food, but I'd say maybe at the most, it's 3-star.

ahhhh... Nice.

Haven't even been to N.O. (one of these days, though). I know a lot of the hard core foodie types like to dump on Emeril, but I like him enough. I dined at one of his places in Las Vegas last year (Emeril's Fish House at the MGM Grand). A group of 10 of use had the chef's table. 6 or 7 courses. a different wine with each. We had a grand time. It was very good.

I agree that the cruise food can be good, (they do a pretty fine job considering the circumstances) but it doesn't even come close to really good fine dining places on land. I'm willing to bet that most of the people who say it's "5 star" probably haven't been in a "5 star" or even something approaching "5 star".
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Y'all just sorta dissapeared on me - couldn't log on for about three days there - jammed up 'cause of the Crown P thing. It had all vanished when I got back. Thanks, zydecocruiser! I thought Cotton was just being coy (or private) and didn't want to bug her. One of my all time faves. He had a place just up the road from us (ok a few miles) in Pass before Katrina. Got to meet & interact w/ him a TAD while working on the new theater project w/ Tonya over @ Lynn Meadows. That one's on hold too. (bad weather again ) Got invited to his house for dinner, but had a show on the east coast that week - grrrrr . Ooops, cruising...uh, say, Cotton, I noticed that you'll have a much better view of the ships at the new terminal than me, even though we're almost exactly the same distance away from the port. BTW, another one of my many cousins lived justa block or two east of you - Harry Hewes.
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Originally posted by Cotton
Sugar? I can't even imagine...


A good friend I used to work with here in Houston would mix grape jelly and crumbled sausage patties into her grits.
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