Airline Food or bring your own?

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If you fly to the port for you cruise (or any other time), do you purchase a meal from the airline or do you bring your own snacks, etc?

If you bring your own, what works well for you given the limited dining space, lack of ambiance, and time limits?
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atco, nj usa
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i always always bring my own food

i am not going to pay for there food!!!

i take a bagel and cream cheese

a peanut buuter jelly sandwich

cheese crackers

raisins dried fruit

pretzels yogurt


hope that helps

Fredericksburg, va. USA
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Since they make you pay dearly for food now, best to bring something!!!! Of course, if it's only a couple of hours, you really won't need anything!
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Oh we take our own... the prices they charge!
ham buns, crisps and some biscuits... or sausage rolls.. sort of pik-nik type food.
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Vancouver BC
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As a diabetic, even when they used to supply a meal I used to bring my own as I found a lot of the offerings unpalatable. Now I don't leave home without one or more of the following:
baby carrots; granola bars; chewing gum; homemade trail mix; pre-portioned cheese like Laughing Cow, Minibel or string cheese; crackers; Hershey's kisses; my own tea bags; an empty water bottle to fill from the fountain once inside security (which I also use onboard the ship).
I've been stranded overnight in an airport before and the airline wouldn't supply anything and the restaurants were all closed. I was one of the few people who was provisioned and a good thing I was because it was a long 14 hours before we were on our way again...
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Texas (for the moment)
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I always take (or purchase once past security)... granola bars, water, trail mix, chewing gum. My husband always teases me but he is quick to ask for a snack when we experience a delay or have a short layover and can't get something else to eat!

I was thrilled on a recent Continental flight to be served a "lunch" that included a bag of baby carrots! For that and a few other reasons I am loyal to them now. Of course the carrots came with m&ms and a ham sandwich, but I can forgive that. I didn't think they would laugh if I asked for the vegetarian lunch!
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I bring my own snacks, usually just fat free pretzels. Paying four bucks for a small pack of Pringles is ridiculous.
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Great ideas!! I have read so many posts and this is the first one with a list of good travel munchies!! I have saved the list to my every growing folder of hints from CC. Thank you again.
Surprise, AZ USA
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We like to get Arby's roast beef sandwiches with the 4 for $$ coupons. They have no sauce or mayo. I freeze them in individual bags. Then the night before our flight, I move two sandwiches from the freezer to the frig and add the packet of Arby's sauce to the bag (unopened). In the morning we take the sandwiches, add some apples or grapes and a cookie or two and we are set.

Some airlines still give you a free drink, or we purchase water after the security check.

We will be using this method next week!
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Las Vegas
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Not sure if you can still do it with TSA regs but every time my brother and I used to visit our mother in Ft. Lauderdale, we would stop at a great Italian deli on the way to the airport and get one of the best Italian sandwiches made on earth. When we ate them on the plane while everyone else was eating the airline meal, you could see that we were having the best and certainly the best smelling food on the plane.

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I always bring snacks in my carry on or purse because the food is always high in the airport and on the plane. I do eat the snacks that the flight attendant gives along with my food.
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We always take our own -- many of our flights don't even sell any meals. And on those that do sell meals -- they may have only a dozen meals -- which doesn't go far.

We carry candy bars -- snack crackers. And grab sometime to eat between flights.
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I am a picky eater who has never cared for airline food so I have spent my life bringing my own.

I will get a sandwich from a local deli near my house on my way to the airport; or if it's an early AM flight the night before. I have found that turkey with lettuce; I am not a cheese eater, travels very well. I get it 'dry' and bring the condiments in those little packets on the side to add when I am ready to eat the sandwich. You can easily buy a bottle of water, juice, etc. after security in the airport which I also always make sure to have. (Yes, you can get them on planes but I have been on flights where they have run out of what I like so it's easier to bring my own.) And finally, I make sure to have a bag of M&M's with me. No, I don't eat that much candy but when you get a delay or just need a pick-me-up they are perfect.
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Toronto, ON. Canada
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The only time that I found really good food in the airport near our seats, I was upgraded to first class and given free lunch.

Gulfport, Mississippi
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I don't know much about other airlines, as I pretty much stick w/Southwest these days. One reason being the no charge for first two pieces of luggage, and frequent flyer perks.

They always have plenty of comp snacks and beverages to suit me. On a flight a coupla weeks ago:
  • First round of snacks: To each passenger, four bags of wheat thins, Ritz w/cheese, Oreo thins, and honey roasted peanuts. Plus Sprite, Coke, etc.
  • Second round of snacks: Peanuts, pretzels, and any of the above from first round, plus beverage of choice.
  • Last round: beverages
I actually didn't even know that airlines sell meals! I noticed that a coupla passengers around me had brought on airport sandwiches.
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The best meal on the airplane for us was when we were flying from Hong Kong back to L.A. My brother bought a roast goose and some rice from one of the airport restaurants for us to take. Security took the dipping sauce away because it was gel like but we got to keep the goose and rice. Did we have the best food on that plane!
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i am an old girlscout always be prepared id the motto

i am not going to pay outrageous prices for food so i

always bring snacks dried fruit raisins crackers

things are easily packaged now adays

or when i leave from home take a peanut butter/jelly

sandwich or a bagel
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We bring our own food. Granola bars, trail mix, cheddar cheese crackers with peanut butter (in the little packages), chocolate! We need to be at the airport at 5:00 AM and won't get to San Juan until 2:15 - so we'll be hungry.
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