Copenhagen - Train to Quay254, Firhavnen, Freeport Terminal

Eurodam, June 24 to July 4, Copenhagen:
Cruise Terminal: Frihavnen
Quay: c254 Arrival: 7:00 Departure: 17:00
Link to port of Copenhagen:

Frihavnen is FREEPORT terminal.

Transportation from Copenhagen Airport to the Cruise Terminals.
It takes 25–45 minutes and cost DKK 250- 360. The price difference depends on if you are going to Langelinie Pier or the Freeport Terminal. Most of the taxis accept credit cards.
You can take the Metro to Kongens Nytorv, which is in walking distance(*) from Langelinie Pier. The Copenhagen metro operates 24/7.
Train + bus:
You can take the train from outside Terminal 3 where the most of the international flights arrive to (a free shuttle bus runs between Terminal 1 and 3), to the Central Train Station (Kobenhavn C) in the city centre. The trains run every 10-12 minutes. Monday to Friday you can go on with bus 26 from the Central Train Station to the Freeport Terminal.
The cruise operators arrange shuttle service.