Transportation from airport to ship in San Francisco

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Eastern Washington
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Any suggestions on the best way to go for two people? Take a taxi to the pier when we arrive, or have a prearranged private transportation through Crystal?

At 35,000 feet
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As always, it depends on your own personal definition of "best".

Most convenient?
Most expensive?
Most luxurious?
Most ostentatious?
Some combination of the above?
Something different entirely?

Without that, all you get are OUR definitions of "best".
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Lots of options.

If it was me:

Often we take Execucar when in San Francisco, Los Angeles and in a few other cities such as our own. Their web site is

Over the past two years we also have take Uber and they are available and an excellent option. For me I would take this over a taxi.

And as you note a taxi is an option. You have choices of sedans and vans.

I agree with FlyerTalker "best" means different things to different people so there is no best that works for all.

At this airport I don't see a need to arrange for a pre-cruise private transfer with Crystal Cruises since you have lots of options. Getting off the ship is a different story "for me".

Eastern Washington
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Thank you FlyerTalker and Keith 1010. Both your answers were helpful. I'm sure we will figure out which type of transportation is "best" for us. :-)

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I am local. Cabs are easy to get at SFO and reasonably priced and the ride to the cruise terminal is short. I would take a standing cab rather than paying extra for a car or trying to locate your Uber driver in the crowds.

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Eastern Washington
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Thank you, Catlover54! A recommendation from someone who lives in and knows San Francisco means a lot to us. We are looking forward to exploring your beautiful city for the first time before we sail.

Thanks again,
Christine and Jerry
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You have been given great advice from a local. Locals can give you great information like where to stay, eat and transportation. San Francisco is wonderful and I hope you allowed yourselves to have a couple of days exploring this amazing city by the bay.
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Christine and Jerry,

If you have not tried Uber whether or not it is this time around I hope you will give it a try.

It took us awhile to try it after it was recommended by many people we know.

For us it has worked like a charm.

In addition to the cost usually being more reasonable than a taxi we find the drivers to be friendlier, drive safer (to me that is important) to drive cars that appear to be in better working condition and for it to be very easy to use.

At an airport like SFO, there will be almost no wait time. In the city should you need a taxi more often than not you can get an Uber car to pick you up in faster time than a taxi.

Anyway, the good news is you have lots of transportation options.

MW, yes for years you had mentioned about locals knowing more than "us visitors". I agree on some items but it is not always the case IMHO.

I know plenty of locals in city such as NYC who haven't many of the iconic sites and certainly many who don't stay at hotels.

Anyway, I have learned that it is always good to get input from a variety of sources and then in the end I still won't know for sure until we experience it for ourselves.

Christine and Jerry, have a wonderful time in one of our favorite cities in the world. We were fortunate to have lived there for four years so while not a "local" we not only lived there but have returned many times. It is one of the most unique cities with so much to do and see and on top of that so many great choices in accommodation and in dining. Enjoy your time there and your cruise.

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Please don't forget that Lyft is a competitor of Uber. Most of the drivers drive for both, so you might choose to use one over the other after you try the app, or read about the corporations.

I went to Lyft as soon as I tried it, b/c there had been bad press for the management of Uber, and at the time, Uber's policy was no tipping, while Lyft made it easy to do at the time of ending the journey. I think Uber lets you do that now, too; but I haven't found any reason to go back to them.

If you get a recommendation from a friend, or give one, you each get some kind of a little discount, making it even more reasonable than it already is.
Rohnert Park, CA
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From the SFO airport, I'd do a standing cab. They are always available. Uber and Lyft (and Execucar) require pre-arrangement, which can be a bit dicey, as we are famous for fog delays for landing.
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Palm Desert, California
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I have traveled in SF many times and I only take a cab to/from the airport as it's much easier. The option to that, in my opinion, is towncar service. Cabs are no worry.
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Originally posted by momoftwins+
From the SFO airport, I'd do a standing cab. They are always available. Uber and Lyft (and Execucar) require pre-arrangement, which can be a bit dicey, as we are famous for fog delays for landing.
Uber and Lyft are on demand. They do not require any pre-arrangement. You may have to wait a couple of minutes for your ride to arrive, however.
Louisville, Ky, USA
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We have been very happy using Execucar lately. Very prompt, affordable. Happy cruising.
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