Theatre BAND too LOUD?

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Originally posted by daiB
I have to say that from where I sit I have never had any issues with the band being too loud at all.

BTW I sit in the casino.

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Originally posted by Bennybluehat
Having cruised onboard Oriana I can safely say the sound in the theatre most definately was not too loud. If anything it must have been too quiet because a vast number of passengers managed to sleep right through the performances every night!!!
I can manage to sleep through most of the shows, even when the music is loud! Only once do I recall my wife saying ‘It’s a shame you missed that, it was really good”!
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They do seem to find it difficult to get the levels right at times. I have found the band too loud at times and last year, a Shirley Bassey-esque female vocalist was so over-amplified I thought my ear drums were going to burst!

Its not just P&O however. I sailed with Marella in January and had to leave a bar-lounge on three nights because the music was just so loud!
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Not too bothered by the noise level - much more concerned about the strobe lights directed at the audience. This includes adult only ships where most of the pax are of a certain age. Many of us are increasingly less tolerant of bright lights, and I have resorted to wearing sunglasses - embarrassing if I forget to remove them when the house lights come on.
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Originally posted by Bennybluehat
Having cruised onboard Oriana I can safely say the sound in the theatre most definately was not too loud. If anything it must have been too quiet because a vast number of passengers managed to sleep right through the performances every night!!!
Oh no, that's my husband.
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Originally posted by joro44
On each ship in the fleet we have sailed on, we have found the BAND not backing the artists but fronting them. So bad is the balance set, that often one cannot hear the solo or group singers clearly.
Indeed, a recent successful court case where a member of an orchestra sitting near the percussion section suffered hearing loss, has resulted in precautions being taken on the ships. Look for the transparent screen now placed in front of the drummer and trombone player.
Most solo singers offer dvd's for sale, none have the same accompanying loud, over brassed sound.
I have spoken to the sound technicians and they say, they cannot alter it, as it is set by "fleet" in Soton.
The artists say, as part of their contract they have to bring with them music for the seven part BAND, and can have one or two items without all seven band members.
The notion that the present set-up is what guests want, I suggest is what hearing damaged young folk in the 'fleet office' want to hear.
However, on our cruises, mostly out of season with other greypounders, many of whom have some hearing loss, we have mostly heard the criticism that the BAND IS TOO LOUD.
If you agree, then make you opinion known.
Note: This is not a criticism of the excellent, sight reading members of the band.
I couldn’t agree more, I have been asking for a very long time if the mindless music played on the open decks could be lowered. I am continually told “it is what the passengers want. Has anybody ever been asked?
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Agree with that too. Don't want all this music played. Much prefer the sound of the sea!
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Agree, just come off Aurora... sat outside the buffet, for breakfast, in Flam, and “Sex bomb” was blasting out... not what I wanted to hear! (Nor probably the residents of a Flam!) the continual (usually inappropriate) music outside was far more noticeable on this last cruise