Leaving kids in kids club when you go on shore

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Absolutely leave my kids at the kids club!! First time with my daughter at age 2 and now with both my daughter (7) and my son will be almost (3). If I trust to leave my kids with anyone for any length of time, I trust them period. I won't ever forget the stories our dinner mates with kids the same age as our daughter was, they were miserable, both children and parents when they took them off. Too hot, kids got tired, hungry, uninterested in activities, tour bus too loud and difficult to enjoy the beach for long when worried about the kiddos. Part of the reason we love to cruise is eo hubby and I can be adventurous without having to worry about our kids. This time we will be taking both off once for Coral World and my daughter off for horseback riding at Grand Turk. Leave your kids in great care and enjoy your snorkeling adventure!
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Originally posted by Blk_Amish
What don't kill them will make them stronger or they choose a messed up nursing home for you.
In areas prone for natural disaster/earthquakes, being in control is not an option, so you learn to trust and have faith.
However , I would love to tell my grandkids about the time when I was abandon on a cruise ship with all the food I could eat
My kids get to hear how I was traumatized from having to walk up hill both ways by myself to school.

OP- a life lived in fear is one half lived. You could take them on an excursion and have an accident, with the parents badly hurt. Now you shouldn't leave the ship...NO!.
Have faith and trust this has been done countless time without incident.
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IMHO it depends on your child. We left our kids on board on our first Disney Cruise when DD was 4 and DS was 7. They even had friends with them the same age. We were in Nassau and only went on a small trip to the Atlantis Casino and then back for some shopping in the Straw Market. We were in the Straw Market when the kids club paged me. This was only 2-3 hours after we had left the ship. DD was crying and they couldn't calm her down. When we got to the kids club she said she was afraid we had left her there "forever". Now DD had never been in a daycare environment, having been watched by my Aunt while we worked since birth. The fact is neither of my kids ended up liking the kids clubs on any of the cruises and went less than a handful of times over their 10 cruises since then. That was the first and last time I left them on a ship. After that we always went together.
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I can't say for sure if I would leave my daughter on the ship, but that is only because she has never been to the kids club (she was too young during her first cruise). Our upcoming cruise will be her first time doing Adventure Ocean. If she is the type of child that loves it and wants to spend the majority of her time there, then I would consider leaving her on the ship.

The other issue that concerns me is what happens to her if something happens to me. LIke if I miss the ship or have an accident in port.
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There are some excursions we do where DD comes with us, and there are others that she stays on board in the kids club.

On some cruises, we have other family members traveling with us, but most cruises are just the 3 of us.

One trip comes to mind when we were on a Southern Caribbean cruise during thanksgiving week, and the ads for all the Black Friday sales in St. thomas (our last port stop) looked amazing to get a jump on our christmas shopping.

Well, DD, then 8, took one look at the shopping list being developed and said, "I"d rather stay in the kids club- just get me some pink to blue (color changing) nail polish at del sol while you're out."

So everyone was much happier with this arrangement, and we were back by 1:30 to take her to the butterfly place right near the dock.

Overall, I think it depends on how old your kids are and how well they enjoy the kids club (DD wasn't a big fan when she was younger- she enjoys it more now).
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I "left" my child in the Disney Fantasy kid's club when I went ashore last year. I really didn't "leave" her, she didn't want to accompany me to a "boring" excursion because they were about to make cupcakes or something filled with gooey chocolate. I was off the ship for a couple of hours and didn't worry in the least. They took great care of her and when I returned to pick her up, I found her doing a dance with Princess Aurora. I think it's up to each individual parent, the child's comfort level, and your trust in whatever kid club they're attending. There is no right or wrong - only what best suits your family and your situation.
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Originally posted by Chicky2181
The other issue that concerns me is what happens to her if something happens to me. LIke if I miss the ship or have an accident in port.
If you have an accident in port, then your daughter is far better off in Kids' Club than if she was standing by the roadside watching you bleed.

If you miss the ship with your daughter on board, then you're a naughty mother. There are no circumstances where it's reasonable to miss the ship in those circumstances - you simply would not be (barring the aforementioned accident) so far from the ship that you can't get back. If you're going far from the port, you do it in the morning so you've got a whole afternoon to get back, or at the very least you do it on a ship-run excursion so they'll wait.
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Without major disaster, those we can't control, missing the ship would take serious effort or some good Tequila in Mexico or bad herb in Jamaica. You are taking about a good day in most ports.

I have seen bad accidents in both ports and you wouldn't want a young child there.