How do you get credited if you book & find it cheaper later?

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Ok, what do you think I should do? I booked with travelocity last week for the Destiny March 08' cruise - only put deposit down. I received there deal at the time of a two catagory upgrade, so I paid for a 8D balcony and upgraded to the Lido deck. I was told that if I find the cruise advertised for a cheaper rate until I paid in full, to let them know. I went onto Carnivals website ASAP and prebooked out cruise info and cruise passenger numbers. Well, I found on a cruise vacation website they offered a 8D balcony rooms for $125.pp cheaper and the 3rd person was $150. cheaper than what I booked at, pluse they were offering this 8D level on the Lido deck - I could go as far as I could with booking it to add my Visa number - so I printed it out for my records, then called Travelocity, who connected with Carnival on the phone. Carnival asked what would I be paying with this Cruise Vacation company vs. what I am booked at with Travelocity - well, travelocity was $150. pp cheaper for the whole package deal (3 people) as the Cruise Vacation company charge you a fee for their services overall, but they offered the cruise cheaper than what I booked at right now with travelocity, I said isn't this what I am suppose to be looking for? Cruise Only, I didn't book any air yet. They told me NO, the whole package deal has to be cheaper. As of today, Cruise Vacation is still offering the cheaper price - SHOULD I CALL CARNIVAL DIRECT BEING I AM NOW IN THEIR SYSTEM AND SEE IF THEY CAN DO ANYTHING FOR ME? Please help, how does this all work - the cheaper CRUISE rate? This is $400. we are talking about for 3 people. Thanks.
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There are all kinds of ways to slice and dice the pricing.

For instance, a travel company might only be advdertizing the commisional fare. That's usually about 3/4th's the total price. Add into that the non-commisional fare, and other fees and taxes, and quite often the prices come out the same.

What does this mean... well, you have to find the total cost if you are going to compare.

All the mumble-jumble can make all this pretty confusing.

I would only use Carnival's website to determine if prices went down or up. They provide you the total charges.
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