Infant Related Questions

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Hi, we have a 7-month old and have a few questions:

Does anyone know if the cruise serves plain food suitable for infants that can be pureed with a fork. Examples would be bananas, plain boiled sweet potatoes, plain potatoes, vegetables etc. Don't want to fill our luggage with jarfood

Also, would we be allowed to bring our infant to the adult only pool for her nap time. She would be sleeping in a stroller the entire time and if she wails we would of course leave. Just don't want to be stuck in our cabin half the trip during naps. Would be nice to lay out by the pool and read while she is napping.

How formal are the shows? Can we bring an infant to them and what times do they perform?

Finally, does anyone know if they're still playing Narnia on the cruises and if so what are the show times? We would get a sitter for this one!!

Thanks a million!
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Since no one else has answered I will try but I have never traveled on Disney with an infant.

- Plain food - they definatly have fruit on board (banannas, apples, etc). Most nights a baked potato is on the menu (you could request plain). Most veggies come with seasonings, sausces, etc. I would suggest contacting DCL directly and asking what could be made available. They seem willing to work with people who have contacted them in advance of their sail date. They have eggs, oatmeal, and cereal in the am. I remember our first trip with DD hauling all the baby food jars, formula, diapers, etc. I felt like we were planning an invasion.

- I don't think they would permit an infant by the adult pool - even a sleeping one. DCL seemed to work very hard at keeping that area child free. Also smoking is allowed by the adult pool and sometimes it got pretty thick. If you want to lay out and relax there are some lounge chairs on the "secret" deck 7 area. Also there are some very comfy chairs in the shade on deck 4 - not good for your tan but great for reading. One side of the ship (starboard) is non-smoking on most outside decks.

- Infants and children are more than welcome at the nightly main shows. I sould suggest sitting on the end of a row for easy escape just in case.

- We cruised April 8 - 15 and Narnia was not offered during this cruise
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Done DCL many times,
NO children by the adult pools. However if you just want to lay in the sun, go up to deck 10 and lay out near the end of the ship with adult pool and you wont have a ton of kids running by, but the basketball court is near by. No shad ethere so make sure your stroller has a top for shade. Also you might consider making a reservation at Flounders nursery for yoru child a couple of times so you can have some alone time too. it is $6 per hour, minimum 2 hours. They are great with the kids, they do limit the amount of kids in there, so make reservations ASAP. They do this so they can give the children all the attention they need and deserve. Excellant care.
People Do take all ages to the shows, after all this is Disney, it is all about kids and family events. Also some of the shows have afternoon matinees and I believe around 2 p.m.. You might try to catch one of those as they are not as crowded, and they do the exact same show as the night show. If your child is good at sleeping through noise, maybe you could watcha show while she napped in your arms? Just a thought.
Also deck 4 has nice padded deck chairs for relaxing in. Shuffleboard is the only real activity other than a jogging path on deck 4. It is shadded for the most part, lots of people go there for the peace and quiet and to read or just watch the ocean. Plus on deck 7 AFT, it is tricky to find there is a deck on the back of the ship. usually a few deck chairs out there, and NO people most of the time. It is called the secret deck, as most people dont know it exists. quiet place for a nap and you could enjoy the view and sun bathing . You can see this deck looking off the back of the ship over the balcony at the back of the buffets outdoor seating.
Lots of family activities in studio sea for all ages, so you could go there to enjoy things and not worry about your daughter making noise and disturbing anyone and plenty of room for a stroller if you want.

Lots of soft foods on board for littleones. Plus not at the buffet, but in the restaurants they will puree or blend some veggies or fruits if you ask, they do NOT have a microwave so they cant heat things up, but if you ask they will puree things for you off the menu. This is avery common request. They actually volunteered this service for us if we wanted to have something pureed. We didnt, but it was great to know they would do this for people.
Have a Magical cruise,
mom x4,grandma x4
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whoops, I almost forgot, shows are very INFORMAL!!!!
Matinee 2 or 2:30 p.m.
evening shows I beleive were 6:30 and 8:30 p.m.
or within 30 minutes of that time.
The early show is for people who have late dining, and the late showing is for the ealry dining schedule.
Dont know which movies are playing right now.
Which ship, they can be different on each ship. we are going on the Wonder tomarrow, if you want when we get back I could tell you if Narnia is playing on it.
mom x4,grandma x4
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Thanks so much...I was hoping someone would respond!!! This helps so much. We will definitely look for all the off-road lounge areas. I don't care if I sit in the shade or sun...just don't want to be stuck in our cabin half the trip during naps Great on the purred food too! I booked Flounders a few weeks back but I want to use that when she's awake and not have her nap in there (probably noisy). Anyway, we sail Sunday and I can't wait! Our 3-year old is beside himself but probably not more than I am Good sailing everyone and have a great time! Would have been nice to meet you mom x4,grandma're a pro at this!
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A couple of additional tips...

-Diaper Genies are available (limited supply), ask your stateroom host/hostess
-bring a small blanket from home as they don't have special blankets for the Pak 'n Play cribs

Have a wonderful time!
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