QUESTION: How much weight do you gain per day on a cruise?

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Welland, ON
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I usually maintain or lose weight weight even though I eat far more than at home. Generally I'm more active, so I burn off more calories. Also, I try to drink water instead of the lemonade, and I use the stairs versus the elevator.

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I usually lose a pound or two. I am not a big fan of cruise cuisine so I stick with green salads, fruit, the occasional chicken breast, nuts, and eggs. I never take an elevator, don't drink sodas, and walk briskly for exercise.

I might have 2 alcoholic drinks on a 10 day cruise, almost never eat desserts, and drink water all day long. I never worry about calories as I eat healthfully most of the time and am at a healthy weight for my height.
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Usually 3 or 4 pounds gained. Since I try to eat a light dinner at home and don't eat a light dinner on a cruise. Plus lots of desserts on a cruise that I would never eat at home.
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One cruise I had a cabin near the bottom at the very front. I actually lost a few pounds that trip since everything was half a mile and a bunch of stairs away from my cabin. Last time I had a lido level cabin and cheers drink package. I gained probably 5 pounds. I think guys burgers had something to do with it too.

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It really just depends on so many factors that it is tough to say. I just got back from the Pride and lost a couple pounds while on the cruise and have dropped 5-6 pounds in the last week from the water retention. I only drank liquor with diets and light beer, the one daiquiri I had was virgin actually. A lot of days I ate a huge meal at breakfast or a big lunch and ate a huge dinner with no snacking in between. I made a point to take the stairs and workout and drink a lot of water when I wasn't boozing.

On the Pride in May I gained 15 pounds because I ate three meals, snacked and got room service every night on top of not working out and hardly taking the stairs. Hardly drank water but drank a lot of Heineken heavy.

There's a million factors and it is tough to say.
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The last 8 day cruise I took I gained 7lbs.
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I found that eating just half of everything on my plate, only two chocolate chip cookies each day, and half of each dessert ensures that I lose a few pounds each cruise. Of course, lots of walking and taking the stairs really helps.
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My goal is to leave the cruise at the same weight that I began.

I've learned that moderation and making right choices is key but that I can eat more and can offset that by increasing exercise.

S Wales.
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For some strange reason I have lost weight on the last 3 cruises, no idea why, I dont count calories, eat more than normal, and drink a little more than normal....maybe its because of the small portions you get ????????????????????//
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I don't worry about what I eat on a cruise because I want to enjoy myself, but I only eat what is really tasty and fresh (especially items prepared while you wait). I am not a big drinker, so most of my calories are just coming from food. Why waste calories on a white dinner roll or scoop of tasteless rice pilaf when I can have smoked-salmon Eggs Benedict in the morning? I would say given this 'strategy' I gain about 1/2 a lb. per SEA day. Days in port I am walking all day and am very active so definitely wouldn't gain on those days. Longer itineraries with more sea days revolve around "is it tea time yet?" so those are more dangerous for weight gain!
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I have never gained weight on a cruise.
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Normally i dont loose any weight when on holidays and also not on my Cruises. I either stay at my normal weight or will even loose a Pound or Two. But im not a big weight gainer anyway, so this might be the reason, as im also not partuclarly sportive or anything like that.
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7 pounds in 7 days and came right off upon returning home
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