Steaks: Rare, Medium or Burned?

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Originally posted by cb at sea
Medium +...don't want it dark red and bloody, but a medium pink, with clear juices!

Yum! That sounds exactly right...
Ottawa ON Canada
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For many years, at least the last 10 years or so, I always ordered medium and usually got my steak the way I liked it, mostly pink in the middle, but with no red juices running in the plate, but for a year or two, now find that my steaks come too well cooked, so lately I switched to ordering medium rare, and lo and behold, they are coming the way I always liked them. So for me; the way to go now is medium rare!
Toronto, Canada
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Medium for myself......well done for DH

and Jam, you are quite right. A properly cooked well-done filet is still tender and juicy.
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Just hack the horns off and slap it on a plate! Mooing at me would be the bonus
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I don't know what it is but lately I cannot enjoy my steak if it is not cooked to medium. Just a little pink is OK but not raw and red. This is ironic because when I was younger I would always enjoy my steaks as well as hamburgers rare to medium-rare and not above. Strage how things change as we get older.
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Perfect for me would be medium rare...nicely charred on the outside, pink on the edges and pinkish red in the middle. I find this the easiest to chew, and more well done are generally drier.

DH likes his rare-warm and if the cut is very thin, as in MDR then I might order that as well, fully expecting medium rare to medium, so then just happy with any amount of pink left...
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Raw- I just don't like beef unless it's served in a tartare or carpaccio preparation for whatever reason.
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Just bring me the cow...

I'll cut off what I want and ride the rest back into the kitchen!
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it depends... for a nyc statehouse thick-cut aged porterhouse-type, i usually take it medium rare... if it's a less tender cut, i also like it more heavily seasoned and charred on the outside....
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I like my steaks pittsburgh style. Extremely well done. Basically, a cow that has been cremated.
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You have it right! Any other way it is just "not right"
Originally posted by TravelSmarty
I prefer our steaks rare to medium rare. How about you guys?
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Blue!! Yes knock it's horns off and slap it's nasty a$$ on my plate! Chops knows how to do it right.
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I don't want my steak to look like a murder scene.

No blood and no pink for me.
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I like rare to medium rare. My uncle who was a rancher just wanted grill marks on his. Any more than that and it was overcooked to him. He also ate salad at the end of his meal - if he had room for it.
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I grew up with everyone in my family eating meat that looked like it belonged on an autopsy table.
For a long time I was turned off to beef entirely.

The first time I tasted a steak I really enjoyed was at a restaurant where the guy I was dating at the time ordered his medium rare, I tried it, and it was perfect!

Now, medium rare all the way, for me.
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Medium rare, definitely. I think cooking a steak past that point is disrespectful to the animal (not to mention not very palatable to ME).
I could also go for a nice carpaccio, like, right now.
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