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Originally posted by Sparky1995
Thinking about itinerary for Nov 19, 2011. Anyone going?
Howdy Sparky1995! Welcome to Cruise Critic!

Thank you for your first post, but you have posted on the Need Help Using The Boards? Ask Here! Forum where members find the "How to... " type of information for using the Cruise Critic software such as thread subscriptions, avatars, signatures, countdown clocks, etc. Your post is off-topic here.

To find other Cruise Critic members on your cruise, please read the Sticky in the top of this forum titled What is a ROLL CALL and how do I find mine? at The post will tell you important information about the Cruise Critic Roll Call Forums and how they are the place for you to get to know the other Cruise Critic members sailing with you before the cruise.

Once you have booked your cruise, click here for your specific Crown Princess Roll Call thread titled "Western/Southern Caribbean 11/19/2011!". Remember, you must be logged in with your user name and password to be able to view or post in any of our Roll Call areas. Roll Calls are for logged in members only

To research for information about your ports of call click here for our Ports of Call Forums. That's where you can research for tours, excursions, transportation etc. Your fellow Cruise Critic members post their reviews/recommendations there.

Also, your fellow Roll Call members may have important information posted in your specific Roll Call thread for your line, ship and sail date. In fact, your specific Roll Call thread is the ONLY place on Cruise Critic where you and your fellow Roll Call members may post personal ads about sharing tours, excursions, transportation etc. with each other. There is a "captive audience" since you are all sailing together!

To research for information from your fellow Cruise Critic members that have sailed your line or ship before, click here for the Princess Cruises Forum. If you are new to cruising, click here to research our First Time Cruisers Forum. Click here to research our Ask a Cruise Question Forum for even more information.

Click here for the list of all Cruise Critic message board forums and be sure to read all Announcement and Sticky posts at the top of the various forums for very important information or instructions before you post.

Please feel free to use the Search this Forum feature on all Cruise Critic message board forums with your key word or words. It will help narrow down the threads you will want to read during your research. Also, you can see if your inquiry has been asked and answered before. And it probably has... many, many times!

Click the Search this Forum feature to open the drop down menu. Type in your key word or words then click the little Go button. I suggest you do not try a search with too many or too common of key words at one time. This will sometime overwhelm the search feature with too many threads to scan and it will time out. From time to time, you may receive an error message that says "Search function is down". PLEASE TRY AGAIN in a few moments. This message will often pop up during the busiest times of the day. Also, click here for the Sticky titled How To Perform More Detailed and Specific Searches on the Boards.

Be sure to read our FAQ at, especially the Getting Started section. You will see how a new topic should be consistent with the specific forum you choose. It also gives a brief summary of the topics covered in some of the forum sections. Another important FAQ section is Subscriptions (receiving notification of replies to posts and threads you specify). Please note, in the newer FAQ sections added with the last system update, you will find references to certain options or features not in use at this time.

In the Guidelines, please note the Browse Before You Post section since many of your questions may have been asked and answered before as mentioned above.

When doing your research, be sure you are on the correct forum. After you have browsed/researched for your topic and possibly not found an answer, word your new inquiry title so the other members scrolling through the thread titles will know exactly the information you seek. This will help the members so they can reply to you. It is best to limit each inquiry to only one topic or concerning one cruise line, port of call, etc. and on the correct forum. You will get more replies that way. Be sure to mention your cruise line, ship or sail date in your inquiry if it will help the members with their answers to you.

If you wonder what some of the icons/symbols/arrows on Cruise Critic mean, just use your mouse to hover your cursor over the item and most often a tool-tip will appear with the name or action.

If you ever want to locate your previous posts or find out how to subscribe for reply notification, click here for the Sticky titled Need help finding your previous posts?

I sincerely hope this information will be helpful to a new member and glad to have you aboard Cruise Critic!
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