Diamond Princess - Japanese spa

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Originally posted by OzKiwiJJ
You can believe whatever you like. As I said it was over ten years ago and I suspect the term "sento" was not widely used when describing Japanese bathing facilities to tourists back then.

You continue to try to twist my words instead on admitting that your inital post was not correct and that my following post clarified the issue.

Alessandra has kindly explained the Izumu procedure which confirms my comment. Thank you Alessandra.

Over and out!
The term sento has always been used for them. Given you do not know the difference between the two suggests to me that you have never been there ever. Even greater than ten years ago the term sento was always used. Onsen is an entirely different product.

The sento (Japanese bath house) is a facility for cleaning.
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Yulara, NT Australia
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Originally posted by rbt001
Brisbane41, all that time and experience in Japanese baths seems to have boiled your brain and your sense of diplomacy!

OzKiwiJJ got it right the first time: one should use soap and water to CLEAN the body BEFORE entering the communal bath water.

I doubt anyone (myself included) read all the puffing and posturing.
Obviously you have no clue what you are talking about either. Never in my post did I say that you do not use soap to clean first.

The other member who posted could not even tell the difference between a sento ( 銭湯) and an onsen (温泉). I even provided suitable references for the subject.

Given that this person above declared that "they were not for cleaning" clearly indicates their lack of understanding of the whole subject as I made it 100% clear in my first post that it was what their purpose was entirely for.

For external web references read up on it here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sent%C5%8D - clearly you also need to read up on your subject before commenting.
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29 Cruises and counting...
Yulara, NT Australia
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For further reference to rbt001 and ozkiwijj who are both wrong and have not researched the subject properly, here is the correct bathing procedure for both of them - http://www.sentoguide.info/etiquette The term rinse is used and another article here - https://www.lonelyplanet.com/japan/t...2-1479d277e275 - feeds more information into the subject. Another article here - https://www.spinjapan.net/9-must-kno...ming-to-japan/

Soap is not compulsory for your rinse before entering the bathing waters as indicated in the second website like. It makes it clear that no traces of soap are to be in the water.

If it is an onsen that has mineralised water then the Japanese are likely to leave without a second wash as they prefer to leave these minerals on their skin. If it is a sento (bath house) they are likely to do more cleaning and grooming afterwards. Using hair treatment, oils, gels and skin creams are are all done after the bathing.

The whole establishment is a cleaning facility and to suggest otherwise is providing false and misleading information.
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Originally posted by Traderboy
Has anyone experienced the Japanese style spa on Diamond Princess.
I believe the outside thermal bath is mixed and clothing is required.
Once inside apparently it splits into separate sexes and clothing is not allowed!
Can anyone comment on their experiences in this unusual cruise ship experience. Is it at all like the thermal spas in Austria or Germany?
I was on the Diamond Princess in April 2017, sailing from Singapore to Yokohama (Tokyo).

Between 8am and 10am each day swimsuits were not allowed and nude bathing was required. For the rest of the day, swimsuits had to be worn.

You are correct in saying that the inside sections are gender segregated, with the sides switching each day so both genders can experience the different types of baths and showers.

Again, you are correct in saying that the outdoor pool is mixed gender and swimsuits are required at all times.

I love the Izumi experience, the baths and steam room are so relaxing and it's lovely sitting in the hot tubs or jacuzzis watching the ocean pass by.

Generally the pricing is US$15 for a session lasting up to two hours, or you can buy a package deal up front of five sessions for US$60.
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