Wishing all the best to the Adonia

P&O Announces sales of MS Adonia to Azamara Cruises. Dated 9/26/17

It has been announced that the smallest of P&O’s 8-ship fleet – Adonia – will be leaving their service.
The adult-only, intimate ship has been sold to Azamara Cruises, and is due to end its time with P&O in spring 2018 – with its final cruise with them being a Caribbean adventure starting in February and ending on 9th March.
Adonia will be greatly missed by her loyal passengers, who enjoy her welcoming and sociable atmosphere and incredible discovery itineraries in the Caribbean, Europe, and Icelandic Fjords. Customers should rest assured, however, that these wonderful destinations will be made available on other P&O cruise ships.
The cruise line has also promised that the cruises in Adonia’s final season will be nothing short of the memorable P&O standard that has come to be expected across all ships. Not only will guests be able to enjoy the relaxed and traditional ambience that is ever-present on Adonia, but they will also have chance to be part of the special, celebratory aspects that will no doubt be seen onboard the esteemed ship as she ends her P&O career.
If you currently have a booking with Adonia that departs after March 2018, our change control team will be contacting you to explain your options over the coming weeks.

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