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Peoria Arizona
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We use the daily pill boxes and put extras into small separate baggies. Way too many original bottles to take with. Each medication has a unique marking code as to what it is.
It's a good idea to bring a list of your prescriptions and the separate rx attached to your rx receipt.
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Originally posted by nascarcruiser
Snarky much? Not all parents would have known this.
Would have? No.

Should have? Yes

Aderall abuse is not new.
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Originally posted by AZ Karaoke Girl
My daughter is not the parent of an ADHD child. She is the caregiver so she had a few pills on her in the event she needed it for her roommates child. She didn't know the effects on non-ADHD people. My post was simply a warning. I often carry tiny pill containers in my purse that contain pain medication - no RX container or label. I never even considered that this could put me in jail. Or that carrying a pill for my mom that is with me could also put me in jail. Yes it could all be straightened our in court with proof of prescription but why go thru the hassle when you can just as easy be prepared and have it in the properly marked container.
It depends on the drug.

As a caregiver, it would have been nice for her to know that it is a drug of abuse, and therefore keep it more controlled.

As for pain reliever, it depends. If it is a narcotic, I would not carry it unless it was in a CURRENT prescription bottle.

This would include any of the oxycontin, codeine, or morphine based pain killers.

But non-narcotic or drugs that are not a target for abuse, should be no problem.
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We keep our medications in original containers, except for the OTC things like fish oil or vitamins.
We also each have a word document we keep updated on our computers so we can easily print it out and take it with us. It contains a list of all medications, and surgeries.

We had an incident a few years ago when I keep passing out when I stood up, DH called for help and when the paramedics arrived they asked about my medications. He did not know what I was taking, fortunately I was tell them after some IV fluids. We each keep a copy of our list on our frig so it is handy in an emergency.