Travel from Avignon port to Marseille Airport

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I've done a bit of research on getting from Avignon to the Marseille Airport, but would really appreciate it if someone could give me specific instructions. For example - from Viking boat to train station to airport. I believe that we will need to take a bus from the Marseille train station to the airport, but it would be helpful if more specifics were listed. Also, do we need to purchase tickets in advance for either the train or the bus?

We aren't using Viking's transportation service unless we need to because it is quite expensive from Avignon to Marseille (we are making our own flight arrangements). We are doing the Lyon to Provence (Lyon to Avignon) cruise November 15th-22nd with the pre-cruise extension in Paris.


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Marilee McClure
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Hi, not sure it this would help, but we recently did the opposite. We flew into Marseille. Just outside the airport terminal is a kiosk where we purchased train ticket to Avignon using Euros and we received a discount because we are considered seniors. You can a credit card as well. The Marseille airport-to-train shuttle took us the few minutes ride up the hill to the train station. We took the train to Avignon Central and walked the six or seven minutes to our hotel on the Main Street in Avignon. We estimate the taxi from the train station to the cruise ship dock would be no more than five minutes. In fact, because we were in Avignon a few days before the cruise, we walked over to the dock just to see the Buri. We could have hiked the luggage I guess but wanted to arrive with some style. LOL. I'm sure you'll get lots of far more accurate responses here on CC. Enjoy your cruise, we loved ours.
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There is a fantastic smartphone app (believe it or not...) called 'Rome2rio'. Once you install it you can put in any two locations, down to the house/hotel if desired, and the app will research and show you several options, usually including the cost of each and time commitment. Pretty awesome!

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