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citrus springs, florida
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Joined Aug 2008
Well im back from imperial majesty's regal empress i went 9/9-9/11 then i was on Royal Caribbeans Enchantment of the seas from 9/11-9/15 i just got home today. I will post pictures later. I was very worried with the weather on departure day we hit the outer bands of hurricane ike on 9/9 but Regal Empress handled the storm much much better then i had expected. Overall my girlfriend and I had a great time on this boat, it really was a fun time. Getting on the ship was a breeze we got there around 11am went into the terminal where they have different booths set up i paid through that outside company the 59.00 a person port fee and paid the 100 to upgrade to oceanview, im sure most of you know what im talking about, i was Sooo happy to recive such a great room!! I was on the top level the sundeck room s11a! As soon as we entered the ship we were greeted by a man dressed up with white gloves who took us to out room. It was a great room with a full sized picture window "not a small porthole" and i have a nice tv that came in very clear, overall it was a clean great little room, for the price i paid i couldn't of asked for a better room. It was right next to everything!!!! Then we walked to get some food at the buffet, it wasn't that bad, not great but not bad. Then walked around the ship exploring the different bars and areas, its a really nice looking ship inside lots of nice old woodwork that none of the newer ships even come close too. Later on we purchased several drinks and sat out by the pool to watch the departure party it was pretty good everyone seemed to be having a good time. Food in the main dining room was a supprise it was MUCH MUCH better then i had expected, very good quality and fresh tasting food, nobody complained about it. And i dont know if its just me but i loved the deserts they were very very good. After dinner we hung out in our favorite place, the mermaid bar and ordered drinks saw the funny karokee "spelling" then went down to the casino for a little bit had a great night, oh and later ordered some sandwiches for room service. The next day in nassau we ate in the dining room, breakfast was pretty good then went to atlantis in paridise island to the dig had a pretty good time there, then we went to the straw market for sometime. Back on the ship we saw the show which was pretty good and dinner was very good with a nice little show at the end. Overall for what i paid i would do this again in a heartbeat i wish it was closer to my home, it was a nice relaxing little trip, i will try to upload pictures later, if you have any questions at all please ask me, oh yeah by the way in 2010 they are getting another ship to replace regal empress, a larger newer one i was told its in norway now.
wiconsin dells wi
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Joined Aug 2008
thanks for the infomation ,me and my wife will be going in dec its our first cruise and did not know what to expect. a lot of the post said its a bad deal but it sounds like u had a great time and i hope we do too, cant wait to see your pictures
citrus springs, florida
463 Posts
Joined Aug 2008
Yeah i also heard mixed reviews i didnt know what to expect, and had a great time i have been on many cruises but this was my gfs first one and she said she had a absolute blast on this ship i wouldnt say anything bad about it at all the service on this ship is top notch if not better then some of the larger cruise companies out there the employees really took pride in the ship.
Pittsburgh, PA
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Thanks for the review!
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