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We are looking at an independent land tour in Australia after we disembark. It is suggested that we have hats with bug nets while in Ayers. I am wondering what kind of bugs we will encounter and if they are a problem only during the day.
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Flies. Flies. And more flies. You will look like a dag in them but the bug nets do help and stop you from swallowing the little buggers and have them crawling in your eyes. Otherwise you can just adopt the Aussie wave and shoo them with your hand.

Some times of the year they are bad, others there aren't too many around. Not sure when is better though.
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The fly population will vary with the seasons. We've been in winter (July) and didn't see many at all. We've also been in autumn (April) and been covered with them. I understand that summer (Dec - Feb) is the worst time for flies.
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We will be there in January, Oh joy! We will be buying bug nets. Thanks to those of you who have shared your knowledge! Just another question....are they around just during the day?

Thank you, Betty
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Flies in the day - mozzies at night. Get some Aerogard or similar mozzie repellant. Where there is water - there are mozzies. (Mosquito's)
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The best insect repellant is Bushman Plus. IMO. It has 80% DEET and there is a gel version with sunscreen as well. Easy to find in pharmacies and larger supermarkets in Australia. Works well for mozzies and sand flies but I still find a netted hat with a wide brim useful, when the bush flies swarm.

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Originally posted by GAJE
We will be there in January, Oh joy! We will be buying bug nets. Thanks to those of you who have shared your knowledge! Just another question....are they around just during the day?

Thank you, Betty
Go to your local sporting goods store and buy some mosquito head nets. You can probably get them for $5 each or less. They work perfectly. Don't go to Uluru without them! If you don't, you'll be doing the Aussie Salute all day.
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We had lots of lies on the west coast in the Augusta area in March. They almost drove me crazy
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