Tours Plaza?

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Belle Vernon, PA
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Originally posted by jerseyaxn
Im thinking of using them when our ship is in cozumel

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Just got back from cruise in Cozumel, Tours Plaza was absolutely the easiest and best tour company I have ever used, you will not be sorry! Ask for Aldo he was the BEST Driver ever!! Tell him Carol & Carl said HI and see you soon!
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Malden, MO
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We had Alberto several years ago and he was wonderful. While we were doing things he would chat with other drivers. Seems he knew everyone.
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Originally posted by prudon
We were in Cozumel last week and used Tours Plaza. What a great way to see all of Cozumel, learn the local history from a native, and visit several places of interest all without crowds!
Pina was our driver and told us the history of Cozumel and it's government now in an interesting, entertaining way. We stopped at the Chocolate Factory, The Mayan Ruins, a seaside restaurant and gift stand, as well as driving around the entire island and watching the Flag Day ceremony.
We were completely in charge of what we did and how much time to take. It was very relaxing and enjoyable. We had lunch at the restaurant and enjoyed delicious shrimp tacos and fresh guacamole.
Pina answered all our questions and told us about the island, it's economy and the schools.
I look forward to my next visit to Cozumel and will use Tours Plaza again.


I hope you see this message, How are you doing? I was just participating in a thread about what to do in Cozumel in the Royal Caribbean section and I quoted you regarding the Mexican cooking excursion and posted a pic of you from our 2008 Freedom Cruise. I hope you are doing well.
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Tours Plaza is awesome! Used them a couple weeks ago and Victor was awesome. Went to the local flea market, San Gervasio, down the east coast where we saw the most stunning beaches and even a salt water croc then ate at Playa Bonita, fajitas were to die for!

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We recently booked Tours Plaza in Cozumel and would definitely use them again! Antonio was our driver and he was very friendly and informative. We were limited on time but he helped us decide where to go and made sure we were able to see the sights that were most important to us. Highly recommend!
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Originally posted by cndwelch
We recently booked Tours Plaza in Cozumel and would definitely use them again! Antonio was our driver and he was very friendly and informative. We were limited on time but he helped us decide where to go and made sure we were able to see the sights that were most important to us. Highly recommend!
We have always used Gerry with them and he is excellent as well.
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We hired Leo on our recent cruise day and had a very nice time. Leo was very friendly and knowledgable about Mayan culture. We spent five hours with him, visiting the chocolate factory (which also had a very good speaker), San Gervasio ruins, an excellent restaurant on the water (Playa Bonita Restaurante) and some time at Playa Palancar. We were in good hands and would do it again if we had the chance.

I should add that, while Playa Bonita's infrastructure could use some work, the food and views were absolutely outstanding, particularly the shrimp tacos/quesadillas and Margaritas. Note, I'd rate the bar PG-13...

Thanks again Leo and Eduardo for a terrific visit. Don't hesitate to hire these guys to take care of you on your day in Cozumel.
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We loved our tour with Benito (Tours Plaza)

Benito was an excellent tour guide. We hired a car for a 3 hour tour in Cozumel. Benito was waiting on us when we got off the ship! The directions were superb to recognize him, and we were off on our adventure! As requested, he took us to the chocolate factory for tasting, and we also went tequila tasting. We even went to where the locals eat and had a light lunch so that we could sample authentic food. Benito had water in the car waiting for us, and he was very patient as we toured each place.

We would definitely use Tours Plaza again, and plan to next year when we revisit, and request Benito!!

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scranton, pa, usa
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We just used Tours Plaza on a cruise stop. It was a great tour! From meeting us at the port, touring the island, and returning us back was all a breeze. I would highly recommend them!
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Tours Plaza & Sergio...Best Decision Ever!!!

No question that we made the perfect Cozumel 1-day plan possibleby selecting Tours Plaza and then having the tremendous good fortune of havingEduardo assign us to Sergio. Our planhad always been to spend the majority of the day on the tremendous east coastof the beautiful island. I initiallyarranged to rent a car and then remembered that it was my intention to spendmost of the day with a cold beer in my hand and realized that driving myselfcould have ugly consequences. I lookedinto the bar crawl, but since we were fortunate enough to be travelling withour just-turned-15-year-old daughter…that wasn’t an option. Luckily I happened upon Tours Plaza. I sent an E-mail with some questions andEduardo responded immediately and addressed each of my concerns. I told him how our daughter had specialneeds and that we really wanted to have a driver who would respond well andwould give her back the positive energy and affection that just naturally poursout of her. He certainly listened, aswhen we met Sergio at the front of the taxi stand at the pier (in yellow hat aspromised) we could tell that he was exactly what we needed.

Sergio made us all feel very special and listened to exactlywhat we did and didn’t want to do that day. He also gave us a tour of sites and stops that he could tell we wouldappreciate. I told him that my Dad hadbrought me to Cozumel 46 years ago and that the experience was life changingfor me as even at 11 I fell in love with the tropics and the Mexican islandculture. As a result, he took us on theroad less travel by the typical day-trippers and gave my daughter a sense ofthe real Mexico that she had longed to see (and that we had so wanted her tosee). We knew she was smitten with thetour and with Sergio when she relegated her mother and me to the back seat ofthe minivan so that she could ride up front with Sergio. I would love to tell you more about what wesaw and experienced that day, but this review is intended to focus on ToursPlaza.

Having a many-generation Cozumel native take us around wasperfect. Sergio added so much to the daythat we never left him alone and made sure he was with us at every stop, whichturned him from our driver to our true friend. He was so warm and welcoming and genuinely cared that we have the bestday possible. Our 6 hours with him wentby in a flash, and I can assure you that there was sadness and tears when hedropped us off (I think some might have been his too). Do yourself and your family a favor and bookyour priceless day(s) with Tours Plaza and I so strongly suggest that you askfor Sergio…you couldn’t possibly be disappointed. Oh, by the way, it was also a real bargaincompared to the herd-like “excursions” offered by the ships…and you get treatedlike real VIP’s. When you go, pleasetell Eduardo and Sergio that Samantha’s family will be back to see them ASAP!
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We recently used Tours Plaza for the second time. Used them on trips to Cozumel in both 2016 and 2017. Great service both times. Had same driver both times. Antonio (our driver) was terrific! Went to the chocolate factory, tequila factory, and a great place on the East coast of the island (beachfront) for lunch. I recommend them highly!!
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We used Tours Plaza at our recent stop on Cozumel. Enrique was our driver and he gave us a great day. Pickup was on time and easy as we got off the ship, and we thoroughly enjoyed our tour!
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I have learned that when cruising the ship charges an arm and leg so I checked Tripadvisor and found Tour plaza I read a ton of reviews and thought why not give them a chance. Just wow! best decision I have ever made. right away got an email from the company explaining directions and whom are driver was. I was nervous but we got to port early from our RC Liberty of the Seas cruise and I was looking for the driver Aldo but we got Leo. Leo was beyond amazing. we got in our awesome van and discussed what we wanted to do. I truly felt safe and would recommend this company. Leo showed us around Cozumel. I asked that he take us to a school. He took us to the oldest elementary school; there where we brought a huge bag of candy and passed it out to the children they were so grateful and we went met the principal, students and teachers. we then went to San Gervasio Ruins wow so much history and Iguanas everywhere. This is a additional fee not included in the Tour. It was great and we did a self tour. The Kids loved it. Next we went to Sky Reef for some snorkeling and drinks a lots of amazing fish and fabulous food and drinks. Watch out some lady came up to ask and asked the Kids name stated she needed to know we didn't think anything about it she came back selling bracelets and we looked for there names on her board didn't see them and we stated she probably doesn't have them she brings them out in hand. We bought them but she obvious got us good so watch out. Lastly some beach time at Playa Palancar. The took a pic when we arrived and just swam for a bit came back to the Van and the people here had the picture it was actually amazing 3's pic in one. We bought it. We felt like family with Leo and left our stuff in the van when we did activities, no issues. We built trust with Leo and would love to hire him again when we come back to Cozumel. Honestly don't book with the ship do your own thing give Leo and this company a chance you wont regret it. $107 for 3 hours and $25 extra an hour was well worth it. I thought I was only gonna do 3 hours we spent 5 hours and learned so much. Thank you to Leo you became family.
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I am thinking about going through with this for my cruise in October. I just want to ask a question.
If we wanted to do a tour of the island obviously this is the best route. If the driver stops at places is that an additional cost? Like the Chocolate Factory, the Tequila history and Tasting Tour, the Ruins, etc. If so how much do they typically cost? I am just trying to get my information together before I tell the group what we are doing. Lol. Has anyone ever did the Turtle Nest on this tour? I bet that's cool!
Anyways, any help would be appreciated.
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If you send eduardo an email he will answer all your questions
[email protected]
They are awesome!

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The tequila tour was free, but you don't actually see any tequila being made. You just see some displays of old-style processing items, then go to the showroom for a tasting, where you can buy the tequila. They only have the one liter bottles, no smaller ones. And the cheapest was $55, so a little steep IMHO.

And at the chocolate factory, it depends if you take the full tour or just get the little talk about how chocolate is made. The talk is $2, and since we didn't do the tour, I can't say what the price is, but I think it was maybe $20. They did give out a nice amount of samples, so well worth $2.
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Thanks ya'll!!!!!
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