World Cruise 2019 from Tilbury

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Nova Scotia, Canada
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Hi--we are looking at it, but haven't booked. We are from Canada, and haven't travelled on this ship or line yet. Have you? I have been reading the reviews of this ship--doesn't sound too bad, and the price is right for a world cruise. We did one 10 yrs ago on the old QE2--really enjoyed that one.
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Hi cool cruiser am looking at it but am not sure. I went out to Auckland last year on MV Astor and loved it but am worried that Columbus May be too large after the informality and friendliness of Astor. I have got quite a good quote from cruise hub on this and am very tempted. I particularly like the idea of the January departure. However I am also thinking about the South America trip on Marco Polo which is a 70 day affair and indeed I may just repeat on Astor next year but I would prefer January departure to October departure. I have to say I enjoyed cmv. No luxury but extremely comfortable.
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Hi there. We too are considering the 2019 world cruise on Columbus so have booked a short 3 night trip on Columbus departing on 18 December 2017 to check out the ship (and C.M.V.).
Will let you know our feelings on return.
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Hi Toothlessone. My wife and i are just back from 46 nights on Columbus and based on our experience i could think of nothing worse than 100 nights + on Columbus,
I would be the first to agree that CMV have time to put things right and having completed 9 cruises to date our best by far was on Marco Polo so we were very dissaponted by our experience
So what was wrong? The food was not good, on marco polo it could be described as fine dining on Columbus it was school dinner quality. There were lots of complaints to the head chef who blamed the poor food on budgets which only allowd him to buy poor quality ingredients.
Similarly out of 46 nights we had just two guest entertainers, the other 42 we had to rely on a very hardworking showteam, and of the two guest entertainers one was just about OK and the other embarassingly awful. I personally spoke to the cruise director regarding this and as with the chef he blamed it on budgetary restrictions.
Another issue very relevant to a world cruise could be the laundrette, unless CMV do something to change the system. Currently you have to buy tokens from reception, these aer in very short supply so other passengers tend to stockpile and you coud spend a very long time waiting for tokens to become available.
I could go on, the layout of the theatre is very poor, there were issues with service in the MDR etc, etc.
I always read reviews with the thought in the back of my mind that the only people who write reviews are those with an axe to grind but in this case CMV really did let themselves down which is very surprising bearing in mind this is their proud new flagship.
The only positive was our cabin, i have never experienced such generous storage space.
East Midlands
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Re our previous post in this thread. Now back from our short 4 day trip on Columbus and can report that as a result we have booked the 120 night 2019 world cruise. The whole experience is a vast improvement on our only
other CMV ship which was Ocean Countess.
I fully understand that 4 days is a short time to really appreciate the pros and cons but we have booked the world cruise on the 'feel' we had on the ship. This experience is based on previous cruise's ( in excess of 40 including
3 previous full world cruise's).
We personally rated the food quality better than P&O and on a par with Fred Olsen.
The cabins and storage space are certainly larger than most of the other cruise lines which we have used.
I have read the negative comments outlined in the previous post and I am merely stating my opinion.
I am unable to comment on the entertainment, only to hope that it is rectified prior to January 2019!.
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As a solo traveller I am booked all the way on the World Cruise and couldn't be more pleased to be voyaging on the MV Columbus. The positive comments on this vessel's previous trips in 2017 gave me the confidence to book. I always ignore the naysayers unless there is an overwhelming majority of them. Yes, there will always be the odd matter or two which could be improved and nowhere/nothing is 100% perfect. You have to take the rough with the smooth and the prospect of all the wonderful places we visiting will certainly outweigh any minor difficulties I am sure. Smile, we've got a great voyage ahead! I am 71 and it promises to be the highlight of my lfe.
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I am joining MV Columbus in Singapore I cannot wait.
I took five cruises with CMV 2017 on Columbus, Magellan and Marco. Found it good value for money.
The fat magician with the poorly leg was the worst act I have ever seen. The lecturers were good and the other acts were entertaining, David and Tony were my favourite cruise directors, they did a grand job.Happy to be sailing CMV next year.
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Hi, myself and my friend are both booked on this cruise! Looking forward to seeing more of the world as I am heading on a cruise around the canaries in April as well. This is my friend's first cruise so I think she is brave!
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Greetings- We are a brace of mobile seniors and attracted by the world itinerary and the opportunities available on the shore days, in particular the chance to form “small tour” groups which we are exploring via web sites- great fun.
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Hi,we are David and Sue from the UK,we would be interested in joining small private tours groups.We are only doing the Singapore to Tilbury section as we did the other half a couple of years ago on the Astor.
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Hi David and Sue, would be delighted to make your acquaintance when you embark at Singapore and discuss “small tour” opportunities with you over beer perhaps. Have an interesting quote of a visit to Petra from Aqaba you may care to consider, will keep you posted if we unearth anything you may wish to see warm regards Keith and Sara
Originally posted by Whiteshark
Hi,we are David and Sue from the UK,we would be interested in joining small private tours groups.We are only doing the Singapore to Tilbury section as we did the other half a couple of years ago on the Astor.
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I am joining you and can't wait. A friend of mine did this year's Around The World Cruise and had a great time, I met her for lunch today and she was full of it!! See you next year.