Seabourn relaxing their policy on ship visits?

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Joined Jan 2003
Even though we were 40 miles offshore today, we had a couple of unscheduled visitors.

The first arrived by air at the Sky Bar

and made a dive for thejacuzzi.

The second arrived by sea

As a lawyer, I know a shark when I see one.

Pembroke Pines FL, USA
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Hiya Norm,

The chipper little fellow in your first shot is a wagtail--you will no doubt have noticed why he's named that!

Fun to see one again. They're pretty ubiquitous in Egypt and the MidEast.

Western Australia
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Hi Norm, your pics are getting us settled in to joining the Spirit in Mombasa on Tuesday. Hope the little bird isnt carrying the bird'flu virus, now you've left Jeddah try him on a double scotch with lemon juice, it does wonders for the human 'flu!!
West Texas
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Norm~~~Hope you were able to get some rest......also, ask Cheffy Lambrecht's to prepare you you're favorite "tuna melt!" You didn't eat a bite yesterday, did you? (yes, I got the report) Go back in the Galley and check out the pastry chef's Carrot cake! With the cream cheese icing!

Glad your only ship's visitor's were the wagtail and the shark!
Hope the Spirit will enjoy a smooth calm/sea day today!
Will you berth tonight in Mahe? Tomorrow will be a hectic, super busy day.
Reporters from all over the world will be your "Seychelles receiving line"......cameras in hand!

REST today!
Hugs to the Spirit!
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"Seabourn relaxing their policy on ship visits?"

I think, having watched the TV and newspapers about your morning call yesterday, the answer is a fairly clear "NO"


I hope everyone can still enjoy what remains of the cruise
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LOL, love the pictures. On my Amazon cruise on Radisson, I loved sitting on my balcony and watch the birds attacking the ship at night. I was amazed at the amount of time they could keep up with the ship doing 18 Knots.
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West Texas
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blackbird.......on a Transatlantic Crossing one year we were in the middle of, what as Captain Leif, decribed, as "the middle of nowhere," when I looked out our window and there was a BIG blackbird flying a 'round! I was shocked and told my Mother to look......"why it's a bird! Where did he come from???" Mother calmly looked and said, "well, he lives on the Pride ship......didn't you KNOW THAT?"
And NO, I did not know that.......hahahaha
She sure had her way of "makin' me look like a fool!" Bless her heart!
Santa Ana, CA
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What a great picture of the bird.....that is so cool you caught it on deck, and then mid-flight, too. WOW (the shark)!!!! Bet you're glad you were on the ship and not a banana boat or sumpin'!!!

I love birds! Ever see the film "Winged Migration"? These poor little birds would be flying across oceans and sometimes find a seagoing vessel to rest their little selves on. Nice place to walk around, I'd say, a Seabourn yacht!

Thanks so much for the cute pix.

Scottsdale, AZ
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my wife is a lawyer,my wife's sister a lawyer, my brother a lawyer and his wife a judge..and I just assumed lawyers had NO sense of humor. I stand..uh..i think ,sit...corrected.

you'd be fun on our april cruise from monte carlo to istanbul.come on along.
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