Internet along the Mekong River

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Hi, I am going on an Avalon Cruise on the Mekong River in February. Unfortunately, there are some issues at home and I need to be able to access the internet at least once a day. I have read that reception is spotty. Does anyone know of a sim card I can get for my phone where I could get texts along the way? Or, are there internet cafes at the ports? Thanks!
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Any population center will have cellular service. But in between, there may be no service at all.

I think ATT offers international service in Vietnam. If an ATT customer, you will pay either $30 or $60 extra for 1 month international service, and you get unlimited texts, a bit of data, and calls at 50 cents or $1 per minute.

Unfortunately, T-Mobile does not have their great international service in Vietnam. But it is available in Cambodia.