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I also like, I find it more visually appealing.
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Really neat site
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Not necessarily in order.

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interesting website.....but good info! Thanks for the post!
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Thanks for posting this, I added it to my Favorites.
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Below is a link for an online Google/GIS map that always shows the latest information about Hurricane Joaquin straight from NOAA servers. If you are told to evacuate then you need to GO! Do not rely on this map to ignore an order to evacuate.

Each time the map opens, the most recent data hosted on federal GIS (Geographical Information System) servers is displayed. This map can display over 20 different GIS data overlay layers.

To see the **map legend**, learn how to turn different data layers on/off and get other tips for using the map, click “About this map” in the upper left corner of the map. Other data layers you can turn on include a layer showing the uncertainty about where the storm might go.

Want to know how often the data is updated? Want to know how to create your own custom map link that is zoomed in on any area? Want to know how to turn geolocation on? Click “About this map” in the upper left corner of the map.

Online hurricane map:

The map is displayed by Gmap4. I am the developer of this enhanced Google map viewer. This project is a public service and part of my way to “pay it forward”.

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For years I've been referring back to this thread. It's a good one!
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Originally posted by Rogocop
This is the best site I have found, instead of going to all the sites , this one links to a bunch of them. It is an awesome site...

Super site, Rogocop! Thanks for posting the link!
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[quote=Rogocop;35096039]This is the best site I have found, instead of going to all the sites , this one links to a bunch of them. It is an awesome site...

Great site!
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Carolina port information for regular shipping


Dive Brief:

  • The Coast Guard, along with the captains at each port, have designated the Ports of Wilmington and Charleston in North and South Carolina, respectively, at condition "X-Ray," meaning gale force winds are expected within 48 hours. The ports of Norfolk and Savannah remain at condition 'Whiskey,' but will almost surely advance as the storm moves closer.
  • Multiple reports indicate Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina will all be closed after the gates close this evening. "Whatever is not moving out of Charlestown today — forget about it," said Mark Bartmann, senior director of sea freight drayage solutions at Kuehne + Nagel.
  • South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has ordered a mandatory evacuation for all of the state's coastal counties beginning Wednesday Sept. 12 at noon. Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina have all declared states of emergency.
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Don’t forget to check the cruise lines web sites they update how it will effect their cruises.
Cruise lines are going to make decisions that will avoid the bad areas.
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