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Well, for those sailing from Port Canaveral next Sunday, 9/24 (I'm supposed to be on Oasis), GFS model shows (for now) a Cat 1 hurricane (982mb) off the coast. Unbelievable!! While forecast models can change drastically (see Irma), those sailing from Florida on Sunday 9/24 need to keep an eye on the websites or TV channel of your choice. Stay informed! I'm hoping Oasis can get in and get back out without delays. I don't want a shortened cruise but will take a Western Caribbean if need be.

Model run for 2pm, Sunday 9/24:

It's one of these that the GFS develops into a hurricane:
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There are two more Tropical Depressions following Jose.
How strong they will become and where they will go is a question at this point.
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Oh no! I am leaving on the 30th out of ft lauderdale on harmony. We are doing the western itinerary. Driving into Florida on the 29th. I will be watching this.
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Problems ahead!
Just read this on
"....This morning 96L was upgraded to Tropical Depression 15. It might become Tropical Storm Maria later today. Right now it looks it will cross the islands near Guadeloupe in about 3 days. By that time it is expected to be a Category 1 Hurricane. Tropical storm watches have actually been issued for St.Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Dominica.
Keep in mind that there is a lot of uncertainty in both track and the strengthening phase. The spread in the models is quite large. However, they all show that this storm will strengthen, they don't all agree on how fast or how much..."
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Agree, that Tropical Depression 15 will probably soon be Maria and, unfortunately, could be a real threat to parts of the Caribbean.
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That's the chance we take when cruising during hurricane season, especially September which typically has the most activity.

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Tropical Depression 15 now has NOW been named -- Maria -- and is expected to become a major hurricane in the next couple of days.
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Happy Sailing! OCruisers (LuLu & Roundman)
80+ Cruises .... Princess, Celebrity, RCCL, HAL, Carnival, NCL, Costa, etc. (Still miss Sitmar)
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Originally posted by OCruisers
Tropical Depression 15 now has NOW been named -- Maria -- and is expected to become a major hurricane in the next couple of days.
......with a bulls-eye on Puerto Rico.

Oh well. I've always wanted to take two Western Caribbean cruises in six months.
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Beware of RCCL...they just ripped off thousands that were scheduled on the Oasis, Allure and Harmony of the Seas originally scheduled to sail 9/9 & 9/10. Refused to cancel and/or refund. Changed itinerary from 7 consecutive days down to 3 with only a 50% credit toward a future cruise. Those who could not get to the port do to Irma (roads, airlines, etc. closed) only will receive a credit voucher for a future cruise which has to be taken within 1 year. Big corporation ripping off America!!! Our loss alone was over $6,400 so you can imagine the total amount they made. Their humanitarian efforts was merely a smoke screen to cover up the true story of what they did to approximately 15,000 paid customers do to Hurticane Irma.
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Doesn't your insurance cover most of this?
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Only insurance was for medical emergencies. This would of been our 4th cruise during the month of September our 3rd on RCCL.

Here are the facts: Thousands of passengers who were due to sail on the 3 Mega Ships, the Oasis, Allure and Harmony of the Seas (their largest revenue makers) the weekend of 9/9/2017 were unable to cruise do to Hurricane Irma. All 3 of the RCCL Mega Ships were detained in the Gulf of Mexico until it was safe to return to their Florida ports. This was a totally understandable action.

However, RCCL handled their follow-on cruises in a very unfair and unprofessional manner by keeping all of its booked passengers, to include my family, in a "holding status" starting 2 days prior (9/7/2017) to our scheduled departure (9/9/2017) right up to the day before RCCL provided a "modified" cruise itinerary (9/11/2017). RCCL's decision was to reduce the cruises down to just 3 days with a 50% credit in the form of a certificate (not refund) toward another cruise. This modified cruise itinerary impacted all 3 of their Mega Ships. It was estimated the total passenger count from all 3 Mega Ships was an estimated 15,000 passengers who had paid for a "7 day consecutive" cruise.

Now seeing how most of Florida airports and major roadways/highways were directly impacted and closed by Hurricane Irma, most booked passengers could not not make it to the port of departure prior to the time of sailings on Tuesday and Wednesday, it would be reasonable to think that the RCCL Senior Executive Management would have cancelled all cruises impacted by Hurricane Irma and that all of the the booked passengers should have been given a 100% refund, not a cruise credit or certificate, which their competitor cruise lines (Disney, Carnival and Norwegian) did with plenty of advance notice to their passengers so alternative pans could be made. That was not the case with RCCL.

The RCCL Senior Executive Management refused to cancel and continue refuses to provide a 100% refund! The only thing they offered was a full "credit" in the form of a certificate good for 1 year. RCCL did not consider the impact that their lack of making a decision to cancel would have on a majority of their passengers. Keeping their passengers in the dark on making a decision did not allow their passengers to make alternative plans for travel which left most stranded at home or in hotels around the world since all flights in and out of the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and Orlando airports were cancelled due to Florida being under a state of emergency and mandatory evacuation.

The RCCL Senior Executive Management played a waiting game for several days and then they decided to rip-off their paying passengers with a "credit" only for a future cruise. So many were left high and dry with wasted vacations that they waited and saved all year to take, along with airfare and hotel cancellations/changes also out of their own pockets.

RCCL wants to make themselves out to be humanitarians? What about all us Americans who were also in the path of Irma and had property damage, loss homes, etc. that could use their money refunded to help with the damage costs they incurred? Even those military personnel who may not be able to use their credit within the 1 year required time are of no exemption, disgraceful!

As I stated above, their humanitarian efforts are merely a smoke screen to hide the truth of their lack of care and concern for the safety of their passengers, unfair and utmost unprofessional practice.

Bottom line RCCL did not pay a dime for those ships they send to the Caribbean with supplies it was paid for by their customers whom they ripped off. We personally lost $6,000 on this cruise. Now I just received an email from RCCL asking for donations for their relief fund. This message was basically insulting to any passenger who was recently ripped-off by RCCL.

RCCL needs to be exposed as the money grubbing company that they truly are and continue to be when it comes to their corporate smoke screen as trying to position and make themselves appear as a "humanitarian" company while not revealing what they have done to their paying passengers booked on the Oasis, Allure, and Harmony of the Seas for their 7 consecutive day cruises.

The "WOW" factor is not how great the amenities and accommodations are with RCCL, but "WOW" how RCCL basically rips-off their paying passengers.

I hope and pray that this will get out to the public to expose and hopefully shame RCCL into doing the right thing and refund those passengers who were affected.