Samsung Phone settings for network data only

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Houston, TX
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Hello everyone,

I have the AT&T Prepaid phone plan with 6GB of data. This phone plan allows me to use the data (not talking about WI-FI) when I'm in Mexico or Canada. However there will be a cost if I use voice call or text messaging when outside of the U.S.

My question here is how do I set my Samsung S5 (Android 6.0.1) when I'm in Mexico or Canada so that I can use my data plan and avoid the cost of voice call or text messaging. I know if someone call me even when I don't pick up my phone there still be a roaming charge.

If I put my phone on airplane mode I can not use the network data plan. My objective here is to use the network data plan not the wi-fi.

Houston, TX
493 Posts
Joined Aug 2006
this is stated from AT&T "Roaming in Mexico and Canada is only included with the $65 and $45 monthly plans"
The $45 monthly plan is what I have. Anyone with AT&T prepaid plan, can you explain what does this meant? Just want to hear it from someone who actually have this plan before calling AT&T