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this is by far the easiest and best site around. the blue area on the left will show you forecast, future tracts, future windcast etc...if you go to the home page, you will find daily updates from the most caribbean islands.
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Here are a couple sites we use:
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57 days and counting....
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Everyone else's websites eventually refer to the one God uses
and that is the National Hurricane Center and the NOAAsites.
No-one does it better than they do!

A particularly nice one as far as per-hurricane graphics goes is URL..

If you want to see Ocean temperatures URL..
will give a reasonable idea of what they're like

Predicted wave/swell heights?
in animated - just wait a few secs. for the whole loop to load
and keep an eye on the time/date thing at the top of the graphic!
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Here is another hurricane site.......

If you click on the photograph or the chart for a storm, you get a close up.
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Here is a link to the computer models that the weather folks use - animations.

Keep in mind that some of them are super scary, others are hard to see what there is. Also keep in mind that no single model is "right" and therefore, DO NOT USE ANY INFORMATION YOU GET FROM THEM TO MAKE LIFE OF DEATH DECISIONS!!!! I cannot stress that enough. Stay tuned to your local weather and emergency management authorities. Leave when they tell you to.

The CMC is known as the Doomsday Predictor. That is the Super Scary One, but, in case you have not noticed, there hasnt been a lot of CAT 5's so far, so take it with a grain of salt.

The GFDL is one of the more practical ones, along with the GFS and the HWRF.

Like I said above, these are just models. Visual representations of a computer's mathematical calculations of what it "thinks" the weather will be out to about 144 hours (5 days).


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[email protected]
Charleston, SC
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The GFDL has Gustav as a Cat 3 at landfall (Lake Charles LA)
So does HWRF...
CMC is creepy...
and GFS follows along with the GFDL and HWRF. Note that it also has Hanna stalling in the Bahamas before taking out Myrtle Beach.

That should keep everyone busy for a while....

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I'm watching for Conquest 8/23 personally, but those of you concerned about the Tropical Depression #2, it's likely to turn north.
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Great site, thanks! As you can see by my sig, we are "hurricane magnets" - so we are waiting to see what happens this year! (the sig does not show the land vacations we have had to evacuate due to hurricanes... add 3 more )
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Go North, Go North, Go North, Go North!!!

Do you think chanting will help?!!
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Personally I'm a big fan of Storm2K. Great resources, and many pro meteorologists post in the forums (and they tell you a lot more than they do in their official broadcasts).
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Originally posted by gtalum
Personally I'm a big fan of Storm2K. Great resources, and many pro meteorologists post in the forums (and they tell you a lot more than they do in their official broadcasts).
No worries. To each his own.

I followed Ike with great interest using this site last year and it was incredible. We did lose the downstairs on our west end beach house, but came through pretty darn lucky when compared to most.

I love all the options in the upper right corner.

When the Stuff was Hitting The Fan, this site was my go to source.
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Originally posted by Scott_F
I'm watching for Conquest 8/23 personally, but those of you concerned about the Tropical Depression #2, it's likely to turn north.

Im right there with you man...
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I use this site. It has a nice mix of NHC, NOAA, third party, and NASA links in one location.
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Originally posted by earlethepearl
This is the ultimate Tropical Weather site if you are really into storms.
My favorite along with
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Can someone direct me to a site easy to navigate that I can track potential hurricanes during my cruise. We cruise next week Sat. Thanks!