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small town in the Midwest
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They're both nice ships. Freedom is 10 years old, Breeze is 5. Breeze carries 25% more passengers but has a few more venues. I would base my decision on itinerary, cruise fare & cost to travel to port.
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Twin Citties
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Been on both twice and loved them both. If you like the itinary of both ships, I would go with the breeze. newer and more dining options

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I have been on both and would easily pick the Breeze over the Freedom if I had a choice. I like the decor much better and the options for deck activities and dining options. As was said above, itinerary and schedule availability would probably weigh more toward my decision between the two ships.

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I like both ships. Breeze has the outdoor walkway on deck 5 with comfy seating as well as 2 large water slides, ropes course. However, there is no adult pool. Freedom's size is a bit more manageable and the aft pool is adult only. There is only the 1 large water slide and no ropes course.
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I would agree that it depends on the cost and ports. Freedom and breeze compared side by side for me is a toss up. I love them both. Breeze for the newness, I love the sky course and open, sunny spaces. Freedom, I love the old school feeling of cruising . The freedom has a nice gym and free hot sauna in the gym whereas I didn’t find that same amenity on the breeze for free. Breeze had the deluxe ocean view with two restrooms in the cabin. Freedom does not. I love the cruise director on freedom but they are moving around soon. I am cruising freedom and breeze this year and both times new experiences. Freedom I have my first aft balcony. Breeze I have my first 4J cabins. I couldn’t decide between the two.

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Southern NJ near Philly
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They are both sailing out of Galveston, so that is a draw. Have sailed on the Breeze once in 2013 and the Freedom twice in 2009 and 2015. Would choose the Breeze simply because it was my favorite Carnival cruise out of the 17 I have been on and since she now has the Alchemy Bar after her dry dock, it's a slam dunk because it would heighten the cruise experience that much more.
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Sunny San Diego
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I've been on both and prefer the bells & whistles of the Breeze. The thing that I remember most about the Freedom was how difficult it was to navigate. It just seemed like it was hard to get from point A to point B and we always ended up getting lost. Even after 7 days. That's never happened on any other ship.
Not a deal breaker by any means. We had a great time. But I found it the most difficult ship to get around on out of all my cruises.

Loved the Breeze!
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Southern NJ near Philly
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Originally posted by MaiTaiMary
But I found it the most difficult ship to get around on out of all my cruises.
All you really needed to know Mary was how to get from bar A to bar B to see if they made your favorite alcoholic concoction any differently.
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Norwegian Bliss 2/2/19 Eastern Caribbean
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32 Trips 26 Ships 7 Cruise Lines 40 Ports
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Originally posted by joetrucker
Booked on Carnival Freedom for June sailing . I'm second-guessing and thinking about going on the breeze has anyone sailed both could you tell me the pros and cons

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I prefer the décor on the Breeze- prettier!
I prefer the food on the Freedom!
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