North to Alaska - South to Hawaii & Tahiti with Bill & Mary Ann - 42 days - Statendam

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Report # 1 Getting Ready to Go September 20, 2014 Saturday Still warm temps in the high 80's

Where has this summer gone??? We have been busy non-stop with numerous household projects since coming back from the 2014 world cruise last May. It seemed like we would never conquer the over-grown weed problem and get those vegetable gardens going. Good thing we got the tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and cucumbers plants in late May, because it took until now for them to produce and ripen in time. Just in time to be canning every day for weeks now. The next time we see sliced tomatoes and sauted zucchini will be while on the ship. And the best thing about that, is someone else has prepared and cooked it for us. Hurray!

The summer was a very pleasant one, despite the fact we are in a drought. Hardly a day went by that we were not in the pool in the hot afternoon......much appreciated after pruning trees, stacking wood, painting eaves, taking care of the animals, and gardening. No rest for the wicked, we say. Thank goodness we took time to enjoy many BBQ's with the kids and grandkids, and meeting family and friends for breakfast and lunch as often as we could. Like we said, the summer flew by all too quickly.

Our next adventure will take us to Vancouver, where we fly on Sunday morning. We will board the Statendam, a Holland America ship, and sail to Alaska on a seven day inland passage itinerary. Yes, we have done this trip more than a few times, but we are really looking forward to seeing the ports again. We are not sure what kind of weather to expect this late in the season, so we are taking the raincoats and umbrellas. In the past, we have been quite fortunate to have had mild weather wth little rain, but in this part of the world the weather can turn on a dime.

On September 28th, we return to Vancouver, and set sail for the west coast of the USA to San Diego. From there, we head across the vast Pacific Ocean to the islands of Hawaii. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the hurricanes stay away.

Continuing south, we head across the Equator towards French Polynesia, where we will hit several exotic ports of call. Our final stop will be in Nuka Hiva before heading towards San Diego on November 2nd, and finally back home.

Just about all of the last minute stuff has been done, which is always a headache, but necessary. Like packing, for instance. Following a strict list, we have tried to keep our luggage at three bags and carryons. Hopefully, they do not weigh a ton. We have got one more day to get it right.

Since we have this old computer, we will continue posting, as long as it works. Still doing our research on getting a new one before next year.

Stay tuned...........

Bill & Mary Ann
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Looking forward to your latest adventures. Enjoy!
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We always enjoy your postings and are anxious to hear about the Statendam as we will be on her in Nov.14.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Oct. 15 on the 45 day Tales of the Pacific Cruise.
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Looking forward to read about your new adventure. Loved doing the Hawaii/Tahiti cruise. We had an awesome time on the Statendam last fall, hope your trip goes as well.
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Can't wait to see your postings. They are always so interesting.
We have done the FP itinerary so many times. I am sure you will love it.
We will be on the Statendam following your cruise for 31 days in SA. Very anxious to hear your opinion of the state of the ship.
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Yahoo! We don't have to wait for the WC!
Thanks for taking us along.
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Have a great cruise..
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We are with you for the first seven days on the Statendam. Feel free to attend the informal M&G 10:30am tomorrow in the Crows Nest. Enjoy your extended cruise and I look forward to your reports. -Cliff
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I love to read of your adventures and will be following along on this one as well.
Bon Voyage!
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Bon voyage!! Love following your wonderful cruises
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Have a wonderful cruise! We have enjoyed reading all about your adventures and look forward to joining you on the Statendam as we set sail for Hawaii and French Polynesia in just over a week from now.

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Bon Voyage, I did not know you did a cruise this short .
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