Episode 11 - Bye Sao Miguel, Hello Ocean!

Crystal Cruises
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Thanks for another great episode.

I loved hearing Louie and "life with gooch"!!!!

Look forward to meeting you and Drew in a few weeks.

South FL
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Omg. I can so sympathize. Just returned from a Baltic cruise and I got sick the first night of the cruise likely from a fellow passenger on our flight to Europe several days before after nine hours of hacking right behind us. I spent most of my OBC at the medical center getting lozenges, DayQuil and cough medicine. Eventually my husband got the same virus.

The steam remedy was my "go to" solution as well. I was in tears watching you in the video although it wasn't so funny to me, then. I would just go into the hot shower, sometimes 2-3 times per night and several times throughout the day. Helped for at least a few minutes and I've never been cleaner.

Wish I'd known about those Shark Bites. Going to start drinking them daily (preventatively) 10 days before any future travel/cruise. ❤️

Really enjoying your videos. Ty
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Aww you poor dearies. You were sick sick sick. Still no sign of a hot toddy. They are simply the Crystal cold remedy of highest recommend. You guys look like you can make anything fun, even being sicker than sick.

Flu shots anyone?

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Oh my favorite episode so far! But some questions:
1) What was the issue that Gooch was talking about re: the excursions?
2) Did he say something about having not been in the Dining Room and there being some story there?
3) I think you've said before but how long have you been together and when did you get married?

By the way, the crawl at the end was so sweet and romantic
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Another terrific video and the ending with Gooch. Ouch!!

I was thinking of you two yesterday as we were flying back home. A woman had on one of those medical face masks but this one was made of fabric rather then flimsy paper. Have always thought we should do that when flying. Not sure if it prevents getting sick but I guess certainly attracts looks from others.

The Right Coast
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I hope the two of you are ready for your famous question over and over. The beauty of the countryside was astonishing.The hamster's thingy was a hoot. The food looked delicious. I hope the two of you have many more wonderful years together.
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Can't wait to cruise again
Next up:

The Symphony 2018

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Southern New Jersey
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) What was the issue that Gooch was talking about re: the excursions?
I think he was going to try to exchange the one they had booked in France, which was all day, to something more palatable.

Hamster bathtub-Ha!

I must say, Sao Miguel is gorgeous. I wouldn't mind pitching a tent by the lake and staying a few days. What a beautiful color green the vegetation has.

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New York
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See,?....We've caught up and are now there with you two!
I have a cold right now too! I must've caught it from hugging you (across cyber space!).
Looking forward as usual to the next episode!
Alberta Canada, via Scotland
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Poor things. How awful to have your long awaited trip spoilt by that crummy Carole "with an E" plague. Happy to see you are making the best of it. The good news is that Gooch managed to get some help from the doctor; looking forward to the next update with hopes that you are on the mend.
Cherry hill new jersey
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Another entertaining episode....poor gooch........ive been sick on vacation in the past,...but never had as much fun as you 2.... im sailing next week....im trying the shark bite....healthy or ill
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Thank you, dear people.
Here's some particulars...
riandei - Have a FANTASTIC cruise, and YES... SHARK BITES!
AlbertaAnnie - We REFUSED to let it get us down!
Mudhen - Healthy hugs to you and Snitch.
NJBeaglemom - Nancy, Sao Miguel is STUNNING! You'd LOVE it.
CruisinMommas - Carol, dear one, he is my reason and my life.
Keith1010 - My friend, and I'm only slightly kidding here, I have been considering one of those masks along with latex gloves!
DaisyUK - That makes me happier than I can say.
Maya1234 - Thank you! 1.) We had booked one that was way too long so we were looking for a shorter one. 2.) Because of our coughing we were in and out of the dining room. 3.) Together for 34 years (1983) Married 9 years (as soon as it was legal the FIRST time in California 2008).
ijkh - LOL Ilene. We DO try to make things fun. It really is a challenge for poor Gooch as he is a born optimist and he married a man who not only believes the glass is half empty, but also believes somebody stole it. My pants are not always happy.
Islander500 - I think maybe showering WITH a shark bite may be the answer!
nancygp - Thank you, dear one. We can't wait either!!!
You people are THE BEST. Thank you for commenting.
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34 years Scott, wow! You must have been teens when you met

Glad you got in under the PropH8 wire. Too long to have to wait as it was!

10th Anniversary cruise in 2018?
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Originally posted by Maya1234
34 years Scott, wow! You must have been teens when you met

Glad you got in under the PropH8 wire. Too long to have to wait as it was!

10th Anniversary cruise in 2018?
I was 27 he was 20.
Thank you for those very kind words of support.
I can hope for a 2018, but finances say no.
XOXOXO to you, dear one.
South FL
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Originally posted by CwazeAndCwaze
Thank you, dear people.

Islander500 - I think maybe showering WITH a shark bite may be the answer

You people are THE BEST. Thank you for commenting.
Just brilliant!