Zuiderdam nightlife?

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Sailing to E. Carib. on 11/6/04, first with HAL. We are 30'ish and still enjoy an occassional evening of drinking and dancing after dinner. Just wondering what I can expect?
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KK...good, lots of choices ....I am in my mid 40s and enjoy the same activities too
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Well, seeing that the Roll Call for 11/6/04 Zuiderdam is dead, I am predicting the nightlife is going to pretty lame.

Guess it is what you make of it. Still can't wait, that is of course, assuming that work doesn't kill me first!
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Kelelmel, don't assume that ....you have to remember....as wonderful as CruiseCritic is....(and I LOVE it here ) there are waaaayyyy more people on the ship.....% wise CC is very teeeeneeyyyy compared to the overall amount of passengers.
You will meet loads of other people (If you want to ).....

Roll Calls are wonderful and they do give us the opportunity to meet others, but again, I wouldn't say the nightlife has anything to do with how many are chatting on here.

I hope you have a fantastic cruise
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We found the Northern Lights to be the place where most of the younger crowd hung out. It was pretty loud, so we left right away... we couldn't even hear each other. The kids all seemed to like it though.
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I'm 30 & my husband is 40 & we still like to go out at night to dance. We didn't think the nightlife on the Zuiderdam was wonderful. It was okay, but not great at all. They have the Northern Lights disco, but most nights it was empty. When there were people in there, they were young kids (16-20 I would guess). We just went to the shows, casino & bars as there wasn't much else to do.

I really loved the Z & would go back on it in a heartbeat, but I do think that is an area that needs some improvement.

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hmmm....I guess we all like different things...I think going to a show, then to the casino and then having a nightcap or 2 sounds great
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You are very right Lois. I guess the anticipation is getting the best of me! Thanks and I hope you, too, have a blast!

Sharon, thanks for the feedback. Coming from a peer, it is very helpful. I am surprised that they allow 16-20 year olds in after hours. Previous experiences have been so that anyone under 21 (or maybe 18) had to leave the disco after a certain hour (@ 11pm). If this is the case, I will not be spending much time there either, as that age group is a bit young for me.