how far is chakanaab from international pier?

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Hello! We will be going on the Mariner in January. My son would like to do the dolphin swim at Chakanaab. I don't want to book through the ship as I also have another son in a wheelchair. How far is the park from International Pier? Is it a reasonable walking distance? I read on a map that downtown is about a 45 minute walk in the opposite direction. The park is in the opposite direction than downtown from International Pier, but it's hard to tell on the map if it was farther or closer. So everyone understands our capabilities, we have done 47 blocks in Manhattan in an hour, so, we don't mind the walking part.

Thanks in advance!
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I would estimate it to be about 2 - 2 a half miles from the International pier to Chankanaab. Yes, it's within walking distance, but depending on the season, or even if it's a hot day during the cooler time of year, you'll be quite uncomfortable walking. There are taxis at the pier, $10 for up to 4 passengers to Chankanaab. That would be my suggestion...

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Oh no....I would not walk! We were just there for spring break. Its like a highway between the two locations. Speed...passing without regard...I dont remember a side walk....just the fast speed. There are regular taxi's that are Mini Vans Chrystler Voyagers and Caravans) between the two locations for only $15 each and readily available. I went with my four teens over spring break. There would be no way I would ever walk with kids or adults. Be safe. Its a 10 minute taxi ride....wheelchair is fine in the park. Let your other son do the royal swim...Kids loved it! It was expensive but worth it just once. Have a great time!
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Thanks for the info! The minivan taxis that you talked about. Are they there waiting for you at the pier or do you have to reserve them ahead of time? If so, does anyone know of a service that I could call to reserve one? I am determined to get there somehow! I didn't know that it is all highway. I really wouldn't want to walk on that. Next problem, there are nine of us total. I would imagine we wouldn't all fit in one minivan. I guess that means we would have to take two?

Thanks again!