Another Passport Question

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Savannah GA
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Hey guys,

Need some help here... My husband got his passport in yesterday and Mine has not come in yet. Now granted they did go to two different address, His went to his sisters house well the post office near his sisters house she went and picked it up from the post office and mine was coming here to my house.. when I check it online it is still saying being processed on both of ours.. I guess my question is how long should I wait be for calling my repersinitve of my state on this matter? Should I wait a couple of more days to see if it comes in? Please help me on this matter I don't want to jump the gun on this so soon.. I still have 35 more days before my cruise and I do Have a copy of my b/c for this cruise but I need the passport for the cruise in Jan 2008. Thanks for any advise on this matter.

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I think the escalation period is two weeks before you need it... so you can give it almost three more weeks. If you are just doing the Carib, you can still use your BC and don't even need a passport, just order a spare.
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you can cruise with your BC in 35 days and I am sure your passport will be here before your 2008 cruise. Personally i would not stress over it. I have read on this board that you can't really do much unless you are within 14 days of your trip, but I don't know that for a fact, just what I have read on teh boards.
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I did my son’s and mine at the same time and his came first and then mine came about 2 ˝ weeks later. When I called about this they told him that they just got in different stacks. (they even went up in the same package) Ours came out of Seattle, WA.
I am sure it will be here before you know it!
Have a great trip!