I've been a CC member for over 15 years. Until recently, I only ever had a problem w/a password once, a number of years back. Was forced to change my password and had no more issues until the past 2 months or so. When I try to sign in, my absolutely certain password is rejected. (Yes, I have carefully retyped it and my correct screen name in, etc.) I've been through the "after 5 attempts" lockout. At least now I usually try only 4 before I click the "forgot my password" link to create a new password. Funny thing is, when I get lucky and actually receive the link in my email (and I do check the junk file - just in case), I just type in the exact same password I was trying to use in the first place, and then sign in works - for a while. However, sometimes a block pops up asking me to sign in again. Many times when I try to, my password again won't work! Yesterday I had the problem again mid-day, and was able to use the reset password feature (using same password always use) and things were back on track. For a short while. . . .

Last night I brought up the CC site to check to see if there were any replies to a question I had posted since the notification feature has not worked for me for many months. (I will address that in a separate post after this one.) As so often happens lately, I could read posts, etc, but when I tried to reply to one, my password again wouldn't work, though as I mentioned above,I had once more "fixed it" earlier in the day. (No doubt steam was coming from my ears by then, I was so frustrated! ) Again I used the password reset link. However, even by this morning, I had not received the reset link. So I came onto this site several minutes ago and tried to sign in anyway w/the sign in name and password I have continued to use throughout all of this, the resets and all, and - as has also sometimes happened throughout this dilemma - I was able to sign in! Although who knows how long it will be until that fails for the umpteenth time?

I don't have these problems on CC's sister travel board/review website.

I have looked at the "trouble signing in" suggestions and nothing seems to stop this issue. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone figured out a fix for it?